D-Link DCS-2630L: A 180 Degree View, HD WiFi 802.11ac Camera

Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 20 October 2015. Page 2 of 4. 9 Comments

The instructions enclosed with the camera recommend installing the D-Link app on your Android or iOS device for setting up the camera. If you don't wish to have cloud support for your camera out of security concerns, you can bypass using their app and simply pair the device with your WiFi network using WPS.

Once connecting the device to your network via WPS and figuring out the IP address, you can simply access the camera's settings via any modern web-browser. The web interface is very similar to D-Link's past WiFi cameras where you can configure the image settings, setup IP/HTTPS filtering, enable SD recording if you insert a micro-SD card, and configure sound/motion detection parameters.

The only downside of the web interface is the live video feed: it requires installing an NCS plug-in, which is prompted for installation via a Windows MSI file. Obviously, for any non-Windows users, this doesn't cut it and seems odd regardless that in 2015 we see D-Link continue to rely upon a proprietary plug-in for live video streaming to the browser rather than making use of HTML5 video features or hell even a Flash-based viewer would work better than this. Or even to just serve a static JPEG image with an auto-refresh of the page to serve as a fall-back when this plug-in isn't present. Due to live video not working on my Linux browsers, I resorted to using the iOS and Android apps for the live video functionality.

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