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China Is Launching A New Alternative To Google Summer of Code, Outreachy

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  • China Is Launching A New Alternative To Google Summer of Code, Outreachy

    Phoronix: China Is Launching A New Alternative To Google Summer of Code, Outreachy

    The Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS) in cooperation with the Chinese openEuler Linux distribution have been working on their own project akin to Google Summer of Code and Outreachy for paying university-aged students to become involved in open-source software development...

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    I don't see anything about this that could be criticized after looking over the student guide. Seems like a pretty good program.


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      Of course they are. Stealing technology is unsustainable because it also requires the talent who designed the technology to have any meaningful iteration

      And when the government & companies are married as a singular macro-organism -- the government is responsible for the companies success and bails them out which subsidizes failure which by design makes them unable to compete against free-market companies with talent and not so much fat & deadweight. Without a infusion of Stealing IP or Poaching Talent their collective organism would collapse.

      On the bright side though FINALLY they are not doing it using a Sneak Proxy under some name like United Front, Confucius Institute, or Thousand Talents Program, which is odd because last I heard they banned including the name "China" in any of their proxy shells, etc...

      But maybe this is an attempt at them attempting to regain some of their lost "face" since if it is a legitimate act of generosity they would want the credit.

      (Disown your mistakes [wet-markets, covid world-wide pandemic, human tracking, prison labor, uigher genocide], and parade around your virtues [I gave some bounties to coders which later led to finding talented people & buying them up])

      And of course they are all about sending students abroad to learn the potential secrets of other cultures & universities and actively discourage foreigners studying in China according to statistics. Hopefully they wake the fuck up and realize what century they're in (I'm not holding my breath though. The shit show marches on.)

      Edit 1: This thread later goes into the topic of Genocide -- I want people to understand that Forced Sterilization by International Law IIUC is now considered Genocide.

      Forced sterilization is the involuntary or coerced removal of a person’s ability to reproduce, often through a surgical procedure referred to as a tubal ligation. Forced sterilization is a human rights violation and can constitute an act of genocide,
      Forced Sterilization as a Human Rights Violation Forced sterilization is the involuntary or coerced removal of a person’s ability to reproduce, often through a surgical procedure referred to as a t…

      Edit 2:

      I thought these pictures are also important context in relation to their concentration camps. Thanks @Jabberwocky

      Edit 3:

      It seems that the topic of the June 1989 Tienanmen Square has come up where the CCP murdered Marxist Students. People should know that the reason the students were protesting was because China was __NOT__ truely Communism. I would describe the country/gov China as Authoritarian, Fascist with a Capitalist market.

      And finally a list of China's conquest

      ☒ Mongolia
      ☒ Tibet
      ☒ Hong Kong
      ☐ Taiwan
      ☐ South Korea
      ☐ Japan

      And I shit you not -- a RAP by China about their Concentration Camps & Uigher Cotton Slaver Labor.

      Skip to 8 Minuets 0 Seconds

      Podcast by Laowhy86 & Serpentza, a South African who Lived in China for 10+ years and has a Chinese family of his own. I highly recommend their 3 channels for insight. This whole video is really good on the China Slave Cotton, suggest watching the whole thing.

      Edit 4:

      Damn Riot Games has updated their TOS where they are going to store all voice recordings on their Chinese servers -- likely to build a algorithm which can be used to censor the Voice Chat as the Text Chat is already heavily censored against things the CCP doesn't want people inside or outside China talking about.

      People are selling "blind boxes", where you can pay as little as $2 to get a random dog in a box... you can imagine that isn't panning out well. The ADVMedia...
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        I'm working at NASA for 12 years, too bad I can't apply cause I have many ideas NASA wouldn't fund. Btw I work as a janitor.


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          There are not any gender/nationality restrictions with this initative
          China gets it right.


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            +1 for China


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              Misleading title, No Chinese alternative to Outreachy


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                Completely Voluntary Code Camp


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                  Originally posted by Setif View Post
                  Misleading title, No Chinese alternative to Outreachy
                  You seem to misunderstand. This is an alternative.


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                    I'm curious as to what impact this would have on one's CV. I mean, there's a pretty strong anti-CCP sentiment right now.