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China Is Launching A New Alternative To Google Summer of Code, Outreachy

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    Originally posted by Jabberwocky View Post
    Again I agreed about scale. The same happens in my country and many others. My argument is about intensity. Are poor people being tortured by prison guards in USA?
    Sorry to say yes we know USA poor people are being tortured raped and other things by their prison guards. Of course the USA has attempted to block all research into it.

    So we really don't know absolutely how bad the USA is because the USA will not let the problem be properly research. Or have proper system to maintain proper auditing of the function of jails.

    Originally posted by Jabberwocky View Post
    USA has a problem with it's prisons because it's a commercial system.
    Sorry to say no the government run prisons in the USA are also defective. There is lack of proper overseer to the USA prison system this causes a lot of the problems. Yes this is another myth that the USA prison problem are because its a commercial system but that not the case when the government run ones are also problems. There are counties with 100 percent commercial system prisons who do a way better job than the USA ones do but those countries have proper government overseers who will put under cover people into the prisons. So that next person you abuse in those countries may not be a guilty person may be a prosecutor. This is a very simple thing.

    Remember this is ignorance is bliss method of torturing the countries population is the USA method. Don't have proper overseer and attempt block all attempts at independent research into the matter as well then the abuse/torture can happen without you knowledge so not your problem right .

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Attributed to Edmund Burke, including by John F Kennedy in a speech in 1961
    Yes the USA is really good at having good men to do nothing.

    Originally posted by Jabberwocky View Post
    If it's about known cases. AFAIK USA is slowly moving away from death sentences. The majority of states have already stopped. statistics I can't say if it's a political move or an ethical one or if it's just too expensive. I have not researched the reason.
    Its turns out to be very expensive when they have been proven to have killed the wrong person these days. So kill less but they are still killing. The 3 states that have not had a execution in the last 10 years is because everyone who has been put on death row in that state turned out to be not guilty for 10 years now. Yes this is because resources were put into checking the guilt of those put on death row but not for other prisoners so person jailed for life(yes those states means life not 15/20 years) does not get the same review. Do look at that map again. The states that had Capital punishment have taken it off the books is only 5 who had it in the first place yes one has informally suspended executions because to cost to proof if someone is truly guilty before execution is too high for them so those sentences have now come jailed for life. Next is the states doing executions are the fairly much the old USA slave states they have the highest ex slave and immigrant populations with the lowest education rate so the most likely to be convicted if not guilty.

    Yes the states in the USA that don't have execution now or never had all do have that you can be jailed for life and without decent education you have next to no hope of appealing if you tricked into pleading guilty.

    Originally posted by Jabberwocky View Post
    I am not so much concerned about who is the worst, but rather about what is going with the people that were sent to jail without a court hearing. On the other point, yes USA's education is a major problem but it's entirely a different subject. Just to be safe I mostly ignored USA content about China. Most interviews that I linked were done in Europe/UK and don't worry I did not link anything that Katie Hopkins published (this is a joke as she isn't an objective or honest person).
    Sorry the education is not a different subject. You start looking at the list of proven wrongful convictions in the USA. Lot of them the person did not get a hearing in court because the public defender convinced them to plead guilty and yes due to their poor education they obeyed the public defenders advice.

    Originally posted by Jabberwocky View Post
    My opinion is that if you look at how ignorant many USA citizens have behaved during Covid19 then you will see how free you really are. I believe in a world where you.
    No this really showed how illiterate they were. The reason why so many of the USA population end up in jail for offences they never did is the same problem.

    Originally posted by Jabberwocky View Post
    If someone wanted to go to USA right now to educate people you are allowed to go do that.
    This is in fact complete lie in most USA states. Most USA states public and private education is regulated by the the state this include the curriculum you are allowed to teach. This is another case of foolish believing the land of the free stuff. Yes the USA pushes the idea its the land of the free and the land of free speech but once you look closer at the laws on the books and how they prosecuted this stuff is fairly much fiction. Reality for all bar 2 states of the USA the education system is just as restricted as the one in China. There is only 2 states in the USA where you could go right now and decide to educate people freely otherwise you would be committing offence if you don't stick to what the state curriculum allows. Yes some USA states curriculum says that you got to teach particular religion things in science classes to the point you cannot properly teach the scientific method.

    The big difference with the USA to china in education is that the USA is fragmented. China you have a country wide uniform education policy. USA you have a per state policy. Can you teach freely in either country the answer is fairly much no you cannot. Yes what you wrote here is fairly much a land of a free argument/free speech arguement that when you look properly at the USA is nothing more than a myth in most of the USA as it not backed properly by USA laws in fact USA state laws remove the means for most of the population.

    Jabberwocky its really simple to miss how bad the USA really is the USA propaganda of false facts works well. Once you get past those false facts USA starts not looking good. You need to drop the idea you can do what ever you like in the USA. If you idea that something is not problem because a land of the free based arguement for the USA 96% of the USA you will be wrong almost 100% of the time.

    China and the USA are really only minor-ally different to each other once you look past both side propaganda to the facts on the ground.


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      Originally posted by ElectricPrism View Post
      I'm assuming the Whataboutism of the last page was submitted in Good Faith based on account ages and post counts.

      Anyways, the central thread topic is "China Is Launching A New Alternative To Google Summer of Code"

      Naturally "What about the US" is gonna come up besides the Wumao and Shil's using it as a __diversion__ tactic on other websites __constantly__ to draw attention away from them.

      To state my opinion -- If you want to shit all over the US for the historical imprisonment and other problems -- go right ahead I 100% support you.

      I just know the propagandists and 50 cent army spends millions of dollars on spreading their propaganda and commonly uses __diversion__ tactics. And I might remind you that under the China Model we wouldn't even be able to have these insightful conversations.

      Infact, Riot Games -- owned by Ten Cent / CCP is now recording all voice chat communications and will likely begin censoring in real-time criticisms of Chnia (as they censor the text chat) and act as __Arbiter__ of Truth or __Arbiter__ of what is allowed to be talked about and what is not.

      If that doesn't scare you -- it should -- it's one of the most important characteristics of Cults.
      Except china is not unique here.
      Fairly much everything on the internet by the USA has been ruled not to be a public forum so can be censored.
      The reality is the USA started with the PRISM program before China started doing online censorship.

      The horrible reality is both China and the USA have important characteristics of Cults. So did Russia when it was at the heights of being a super power. Seams like your country a super power you government systems slowly but surely turn into a Cult attempting to save face and spy on others.


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        Originally posted by cynical View Post

        Yes and while there you will get a friendly police escort to ensure you see only the best of Xinjiang!
        Who do you think you are? Biden or president of the United Nations? As long as you're not a spy or carrying explosives, the police don't care about you.

        Every year, China has at least tens of millions of entry-exit records. Maybe everyone in China is a policeman or an actor, because only in this way can we "perform" a "perfect China" for all foreigners, right?


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          Wow.. the hate/ racist/ ignorance are real here.