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The Proposals For Unigine's Linux Game Competition

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    Originally posted by DavidNielsen View Post
    If someone could do a follow up to Fallout 1+2 and get it right that would be wonderful. Though due to legal complications let's call this "post apocalypse RPG" stylistically similar to such things as "Life after People", "The Colony" and "Fallout". I would be happy to help with writing and research on such as project though my actual coding skills are insufficient in producing the game.
    There's an open project for this already, called PARPG (Post Apocalyptic RPG). Check it out.

    Unigine is looking for a 2010 commercial quality game, not a knock-off of a 90's style RPG. There's already a discussion on why expecting a real RPG out of this contest is silly, no need to repeat all the arguments here; it's in the previous Unigine game submission article's thread. The team submissions also probably don't want your help, as this contest is not looking for community projects -- it specifically wanted developers with a proven track record in the industry (e.g. a released game to their credit).

    The MMORPG is actually more feasible in terms of development costs than making something like Fallout 3. MMOs don't need lots of content, because the formula for an MMO is not based on exploration or story. It's based on getting bored losers to keep repeating the same level/area over and over and over and over to farm XP or loot, and to keep paying the monthly subscription in the process. The content doesn't need to be interesting in any way because the content is irrelevant; it's just a backdrop for the point-n-click grinding experience. Humans in general will mindlessly perform any repetitive task, even if its pointless and boring, because we're wired for that stuff. This is why games shouldn't have any grinding element in them at all; even if it's just an optional way to get extra stuff, players will end up grinding for hours on end, hating your game because it's boring, and then keep doing it anyway because they can. Take a look at WoW. It's got a ton of quests, sure, but the time and effort that went into them is laughable. You can build dozens of those kinds of quests in a few hours. And they're boring as shit, and people only play because people are dumb as shit and will grind away at the XP/loot treadmill just because they can.


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      Why would an MMO be idiocy? I think it would have the greatest chance of making money if done right.


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        Meaning no disrespect, but you sir are an idiot.

        I agree with freebooteR69. This is about making a game that will make money. It is called Business. Not all MMO's are lame. And there is certainly room for a linux MMO that has top shelf graphics.

        I think that a Linux MMO based on Unigine might actually have a chance to do quite well. Several different types of MMO to choose from. Space; fantasy; SS&S; post apocalypse.
        Personally, I would like to see an MMO based on Shadow Run. Which of course is basicly an SS&S recipe. But it was one of the very few that had the right balance of grit vs. fantasy type integration.

        Have a good one.


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          There are already oodles of FPSes and MMOs on Linux, and many of them ar open source.
          What I would personally hope for is either an RPG like Daggerfall/Morrowind (loosely based on the d20 system, in an immersive realm), updated to the best of today's graphics and user interface standards.
          Failing that, a AAA FPS which actually differentiates itself somehow (perhaps with an actually realistic colour palette, realistic limb damage, non-regenerating health, etc) would be very sweet.

          what we absolutely do not need is another grinder mmo or browngreybrown "realistic" fps.


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            Hell, I'll buy anything as long as it isn't another quake fragmatch thing. What I'd really like though would be something realtime and team based, but possibly brought to a genre we haven't seen this in before...

            What about some kind of MMO come Beat 'em up, Ninja, Prince of Persia style game? (With the acrobatics, but also with MMO numbers of players)


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              Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
              Interesting, I didn't know you could even do a MMORPG with Unigine.
              lol? that's what the engine is for. displaying large areas 'n stuff.

              there is already a released MMORPG using Unigine (runs on wine, but as of now not native on linux) it's called Syndicates of Arkon.


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                Savage 3. Come on S2 games. I'd buy it!


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                  My original thought was S2games but they like to have their own engines so I don't think they would consider Unigine.


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                    It's more about content than coding anyway these days, so make a MMO first where players can contribute player models and landscapes first, force the license to be something like CC (or hand over copyrights), then make other games using that content.


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                      I would like to see an oldskool Nintendo generation game with obviously updated graphics, like a zero g racing game like Wipeout/F-Zero or some kind of Street Fighter 2 Alpha or something like that. MMO's and FPS are full of fail, unless you manage to deliver something that has the caliber of Half-Life or Duke Nukem...