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Unigine Heaven 2.0 Launches For Linux

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  • Unigine Heaven 2.0 Launches For Linux

    Phoronix: Unigine Heaven 2.0 Launches For Linux

    Unigine Heaven has finally arrived! Unigine Heaven, a tech demo / benchmark that offers heavenly graphics and was released for Windows 7 back in October with a DirectX 11 renderer, is now available on Linux with its OpenGL 3.2 renderer. As we suspected, the Linux support has arrived with the release of Unigine Heaven 2.0, which includes an updated Windows binary as well...

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    I am sure that game dev will tell you that opengl 2 games can use the same features than opengl 3 games by using the backported extensions. So basically the hardware can be fully used that way too. In theory you could even use tesselation with the AMD_vertex_shader_tesselator extension, but thats limited to level 15 not 64 like DX11. So i guess that's why it was not used.

    I hope there will be a fixed version out soon that improves compatibily with Linux distributions. You should not be forced to use a specific one to use a game engine. Then you could use Win too, when you have to leave the default Linux install you use for all other cases.


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      I fixed that for you...

      The OpenGL 4.0 spec is almost 2 weeks old and there isn't any openGL4.0 driver...

      in the end they really work hard to kill openGL!
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        Originally posted by Qaridarium
        i never ever should buy a grafic-card again......
        Or just switch to windows.


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          Originally posted by Qaridarium
          i calculate on hardware not on fake release plans of the kronos group!
          Sure, but then don't complain about not having any games written against specs from Khronos either.

          The OpenGL specs have now more or less caught up with DX specs, and presumably will stay caught up in the future, so you shouldn't see the same kind of delays.
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            Just wait to see if OpenGL 4 features will show up in OpenGL 2 extensions. It could not take that long.


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              Originally posted by Qaridarium
              good point..... i also can just shot a bulled in my head!
              Well it would have the same effectiveness as your rants to get gaming in linux up to the same level as windows.


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                mhm, seems to be broken on gf7 , i get a bad white flickering and the following errors:
                GLFrameBuffer::check_status(): unsupported
                OpenGL error: invalid framebuffer operation


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                  I'm not sure where to report bugs, can't find any appropriate links at their site.

                  Running both and under Fedora 11/i386 produces this error:

                  Unigine fatal error
                  Engine::init(): chdir() failed

                  strace shows:
                  readlink("/proc/self/exe", "/home/fff/GAMES/Unigine_Heaven/bin/Heaven_x86"..., 1024) = 46
                  chdir("/home/fff/GAMES/Unigine_Heaven/bin/Heaven_x86\277\277\5G/") = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
                  write(2, "\nUnigine fatal error\n", 21
                  Unigine fatal error
                  ) = 21
                  Why is it trying to chdir to some mangled path?


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                    Well one problem i found with openal yesterday that prevented it from running when openal was installed, it ran (without sound) with 64 bit then in 32 bit mode because there was no openal lib. The solution i found now is really simple.