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W4 Games Raises $15M To Help Push Open-Source Video Game Development With Godot

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    Originally posted by AlanTuring69 View Post
    I'm a former game developer who's used Unity and a few other big ones. Unity's saving grace was its accessibility which came from its wide base of samples and excellent editor, but otherwise it was terrible, awful, and bad. While Godot may not have any AAA titles under its belt, Unity does not really either. You'd be insane to use Unity for anything other than indie projects because it really, really sucks when you start needing to optimize your game for performance and make it look nice.
    I agree completely. As a programmer by profession and game developer by hobby, I always thought Unity sucks. Unity 1 to 3 was unbearable, and I don't even know how they survived for so long. I think the fact that it was possible to run your games directly in your browser was what the people liked the most (it didn't use to work properly on Linux, which increased my hate even more).

    Since Unity 4, it became usable, but I still wouldn't choose it for anything. If I would develop any game I would either develop my own engine or use Godot.

    Also, I don't see AAA games as a reference for anything. Many AAA game sucks.


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      Originally posted by Mateus Felipe View Post

      Also, I don't see AAA games as a reference for anything. Many AAA game sucks.
      -Three-word Generic Title
      -Picture of something 'cool';usually some white 'ganglike' US wank posing in a way no-one ever would, with a 'significant glance'
      -Guns Sex Guns Sex Guns Sex! Gampl-what?
      -Rip-off of some actual famous game in the hope they're going to con someone stupid to pay full price
      -Bug riddled, poor performance (even from a used and abused engine) and audio, no modding, after being 'greenlit' as the 'next best thing' while the hype of the parent AAA game they're ripping off either continues or fades with development sort of matching that hype.

      I can only hope more people turn to GoDot et al, to get their game genius on. Keep that indie spirit going and and maybe be an actual new AAA. Certainly some inspiring stuff out there that you never hear of.