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Favorite Open/Closed Source Games

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  • Neverball, Neverputt and Hercules are quite best games according to me..


    • Eternal Lands FTW!

      There's a turning point in my linux gaming life: before Eternal Lands and after.. The only game I know of in which you can mine iron ore with a pickaxe hurting yourself time to time, your pickaxe fails use the backup one or cave walls fall on you harming you and then smelt it into iron or steel bars using fire and coal while feeding yourself to avoid hunger, buy some leather and threads and if you have the proper knowledge make your own iron plated leather armor yourself using these and tools like a hammer and needle. Then sell it on the market to real online players or wear it as a hunting gear...


      • ::OS best
        OpenTTD - mp economy strategy
        Freeciv - classique
        Battle for Wesnoth - well it's a best example iv seen of single/multiplayer combo + user submitted maps etc
        Q3/Sauerbraten - best MP bloody hell shooter ( imho shooter must have FAST FPS/Reaction time as Q3)
        PCSX2 - ps2 emul
        Weste edge - nice snes style detective
        beneath a steel sky - sierra!! why did you left us all??
        lips of suna - in development but look like promising mincraft like
        ::CS best
        World of Goo
        Dead cyborg - can be played via web browser
        Fallout 1/2/3 / Children of Gaia
        UFO/Heroesofwar series/SSI series/Heroes/KingsBounty
        LucasArts/Sierra games/quests/Syberia
        jRPG's including ff/reveant and other stuff
        Gothic series/Witcher/DivineDivinity2
        CyberPunk games oldies and new like CyberKnights(android),DeusEx series
        SM CIV/CIVILIZATION(198x)/Cesar/Utopia
        X3/Privateer/UFO Interceptor
        Eye of Beholder3/Might and Magic


        • checked Eternal Lands .. nice game.. little undeveloped but playable..


          • Linux native:
            Heroes of Neweart << this one is an ohh yes
            Quake Wars
            beneath a steel sky
            alien arena
            Battle tanks

            LOT of windows games using wine.


            • Quake3 as all time favorite still playing it sometimes native! not quakelive actually sometimes quakelive too

              And Zero-k dunno why it didint get any atention here since it is really good open-source RTS battles 8 vs 8 mostly
     some new players would be nice. Trailer

              It is weird to see when there is news about 0.a.d alphas or nexuiz, whatever first person shooter minor releases and zero news about spring engine since it is really advanced and mature and has games like above.


              • Originally posted by RealNC View Post
                open source games will never reach this level of quality (with actors and such being expensive and not... open source-able :P)

                never say never!
                also open source don't means free of charge!
                you can get funds for your open source project and pay real actors and release the game open source!


                • OS :
                  Super Tux

                  CS :
                  Unreal Tournament Series
                  Gothic Series
                  Thief Series
                  Deus Ex Series
                  Half Life Series
                  Diablo Series
                  System Shock Series

                  The best Linux games so far (IMHO) have been indie developers. No necessarily open source. Especially, if you are not into RTS.

                  Eschalon Series
                  World Of Goo


                  • Favrits

                    Open: 0 A.D, Wolfenstein and Urban Terror also some Sauerbraten, FreedroidRPG!
                    Closed: Anything by Frictional Games, Project Zomboid, Doom 1 and 2 on Skulltag.
                    Windows: S.T.A.L.K.E.R Series, System Shock Series, Metro 2033, Carmageddon and last but not least Co-op the Unreal campaing with the UT99 mod Infiltration 2.9 CE. There's nothing quite like it. Imagine a regular soldier-man with regular military arms against fast, vicious and agile Aliens in a strange new world!
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                    • *BAND. Any *BAND.