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Favorite Open/Closed Source Games

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  • Favorite Open/Closed Source Games

    Well, what are your favorite open-source and closed-source LINUX-NATIVE games?

    Me personally, I think of all times it would have to be RTCW: Enemy Territory and Cube or Nexuiz. Though, I am very much waiting to see how Quake Wars: Enemy Territory will fare.
    Michael Larabel

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    I will always be up for a game of RTCW:ET (probably my favorite LAN party game). Lately I have been playing some Doom 3 and some UT2004, but I have fallen back to my old favorite; Warcraft 2 (using the Stratagus engine).


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      I had a terrific time with Quake 4, although my opinion seems to uncommon. I thought it was a really awesome action-shooter. Neverwinter Nights w/ expansions is a close second.

      Quake Wars should be a blast. I'm really looking forward to that.


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        I've always loved Unreal Tournament, although I can't really get into Nexuiz. It just doesn't seem to have as tight gameplay as UT. I tend to play a little bit of Neverball when I am bored.


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          Originally posted by Rob Williams
          I tend to play a little bit of Neverball when I am bored.
          I second that. Neverball and Neverputt are both great games.

          EDIT: Now why isn't quoting working...?


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            My favorite Linux game EVER is Darwinia. It's unique, original, very playable and in Linux. My perfect formula for great entertainment.

            Two thumbs up.


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              X2: The Threat, Doom 3, Cold War. Also have been playing Warcraft III through Cedega for almost 4 years now and I still cannot put it down.


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                Enemy Territory and Neverwinter Nights for me.


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                  I'm a hardcore Starcraft Brood Wars fan, even though its windows only, it works good enough with cedega. I also like Warcraft III which works perfectly in cedega I haven't found a boat load of good linux native games, but I certainly do enjoy quake 3, quake 4, and unreal tournament 2004. Hopefully Quake Wars will be as enjoyable as the others



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                    Basically all of the UnrealTournament-Games and NWN.