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    A 9800 GTX is only 5% faster without OC than the 8800 GTS 512 (as it is the same G92 chip).


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      yea, but like i said
      my reason for buying a gfx card for linux is based on compiz and dvd/divx playback, not gaming, cause gaming isn't up to much in linux.
      is the 4870 better for compiz/dvd playback in linux over the 8800/9800 ?


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        To the author of the article:

        You keep referring to the artistic license in regards to artwork... do you even know what the artistic license is or did you just assume that its related to artwork due to its name?

        The artistic license is a SOFTWARE license and has nothing to do with artwork per se. Might be a good idea to read it:

        Might also be a good idea to look at the scope of the artistic license within F10: -- you'll note that it only affects the packages d4x, pgadmin3, qstat, rman, and a handful of perl modules, NONE of which relate to Fedora artwork.