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Alan Cox Calls Fedora 18 "The Worst Red Hat Distro"

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    Originally posted by RealNC View Post
    If someone wants stability, he shouldn't use Fedora to begin with. It's a test bed for Red Hat.

    Quote from

    "Fedora is a Linux-based operating system that provides users with access to the latest free and open source software, in a stable, secure and easy to manage form."

    do you see the word STABLE in there?

    Maybe the implementation leaves something to be desired but Fedora EXPRESSLY STATES that their distribution is STABLE.

    RAWHIDE is the test bed, Fedora is the stable development and desktop distribution, RHEL is for mission critical servers.

    If you see bugs in Fedora you should NOT toss up your hands and say "well it's not stable what do you expect". you should COMPLAIN LOUDLY and FILE BUG REPORTS.
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      Originally posted by Edogaa View Post
      It's not less unstable than Ubuntu though, minus the fact they have no LTS version.
      Oh yes, it is.


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        Maybe it's finally the time to actually address devastating Linux issues instead of constantly whining.

        It's you, Linux developers, Alan Cox and Linus Torvalds included, who chose this f*cked up, absolutely broken, rolling development model. It's you, Linux developers, who get mad at it (even Linus has complained several times that userspace applications got broken due to incompatible changes in APIs).

        Maybe it's the time to change?

        But no, we'll have similar threads, complaints and pieces of news over and over again. And no one will do anything. No wonder people avoid Linux like a plague. In a world where no one is responsible for anything, where QA and testing are unheard of, nothing will ever be usable.

        P. S. I for one chose CentOS 6.3 - but I'm a happy guy, 'cause I can run vanilla kernel - LTS distros are unusable as well, because the kernel development model is outright broken.


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          I have used Fedora since Fedora 12 and I have to live through all the installation changes. When I am used to one, i.e. preupgrade, now they change it to fedup, meaning fed up, it throws a bunch of errors but it finishes fine. I am able to use it as I was doing before, that is as a headless server.

          Based on that I am skeptical about updating my Fedora 16 and Fedora 17 boxes.


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            The dracut stuff really is buggy.

            Originally posted by joncr View Post
            Cox's prominence as a developer doesn't mean his critique of F18 is any less anecdotal or any more significant than any other opinion.
            dracut failed to include the /etc/mdadm.conf file on one of my machines, which meant that the RAID array did not assemble correctly.


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              I had a similarly buggy experience with Fedora 18. Apparently (and nobody told me this before the upgrade, because their wiki page wasn't and isn't properly written), FedUp is broken when it comes to systems with proprietary graphics drivers* or LUKS encryption, both of which I had. With the proprietary drivers*, the upgrade process shows nothing; it's just a black screen. When it came to the encryption, at some point it couldn't mount my partition, freaked out and immediately rebooted. Hosed my box.

              After some effort fixing everything, I'm then rewarded with the new less-usable-than-ever gnome-shell. I realize it's unfair to blame Fedora directly for that one, but at that point I was annoyed and decided to blow it up and install something else too.

              *It's a laptop and I need them for the battery life.


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                I've had no particular problems with Fedora 18, but then I haven't used Anaconda since I got this laptop in 2009, and deal with a distribution upgrade the same way as with any other bunch of package updates - with the rpm command. The main Fedora 18 improvement is a name that's not as bad as "Beefy Miracle".


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                  Why is it only news when Allan Cox doesn't like something? I've never seen a article that goes "Allan Cox thinks that x-y.z is da bomb, yo"


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                    If you are a single user, you can't log out in Fedora 18. I know it is a default in Gnome 3 now, but I really wish the Fedora packagers would have taken the common sense steps of fixing that.


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                      Originally posted by LinuxID10T View Post
                      If you are a single user, you can't log out in Fedora 18. I know it is a default in Gnome 3 now, but I really wish the Fedora packagers would have taken the common sense steps of fixing that.
                      That is Gnome 3.6 feature, not Fedora. With a single user using only one desktop environment i.e Gnome Shell, it does not make sense to have a log out. Add another desktop environment or an user to enable log out. I can't believe some people are unable to grasp the logic especially due to their own blind hatred toward Gnome in some case.
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