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Alan Cox Calls Fedora 18 "The Worst Red Hat Distro"

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  • Alan Cox Calls Fedora 18 "The Worst Red Hat Distro"

    Phoronix: Alan Cox Calls Fedora 18 "The Worst Red Hat Distro"

    Alan Cox, the venerable Linux kernel developer presently employed by Intel and an avid open-source enthusiast, has lashed out against the recent release of Fedora 18. Cox calls the new Fedora release, "the worst Red Hat distro I've ever seen." Alan ended up switching to Ubuntu as a result of his disastrous experience with Fedora 18...

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    One more review that does the rounds currently and which heaps criticism especially on the installer:
    Long, highly negative review of Fedora 18 Spherical Cow 64-bit edition with KDE, covering live session, installation and usage, including Wireless, Samba sharing, easyLife, multimedia playback - Flash, MP3, webcam, applications choice, stability, suspend & resume, system resources, and tons of problems, like no auto-login in live session, no ability to launch installation interactively, a highly dangerous and counter-intuitive installer, various warning and error messages for Wireless, audio, disk space and repository refresh, failed updates due to missing keys, no MP3 plugins, Amarok freezes, no ability to print to Samba shares, no desktop effects, and more


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      I definitely agree that what they did to Anaconda is horrible. The installer is a steaming pile of dog feces in its current state.


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        The anaconda installer has got the gnome-shell syndrome in UI design. Fedora gets much right, but they have made some strange decisions..


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          Too bad Cinnamon is not available in the Ubuntu repository.

          Too bad OpenSCAD does not have syntax highlighting.


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            If someone wants stability, he shouldn't use Fedora to begin with. It's a test bed for Red Hat.


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              I'm very happy with Ubuntu, except for the two facts: I can't boot 12.04.1 because of my GeForce GTX550Ti and the fact Unity made my PC unusable for my mom. She never gets used to the fact Unity unnecessarily hides the windows menus and close/maximize/minimize buttons. It's hard for a user to assume they have to hover the upper bar to find those buttons. Why hide them in first place?

              And I agree with him on the orange color. It's horrible. I seriously don't know what Ubuntu's design team was thinking.


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                It just occurred to me how dumb the name "Spherical Cow" is. What is wrong with these people?


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                  Still Just an Anecdotal Opinion

                  Cox's prominence as a developer doesn't mean his critique of F18 is any less anecdotal or any more significant than any other opinion.

                  My own equally anecdotal experience has been considerably more positive. I installed several alphas and betas. The new Anaconda was flaky at the point, as I would expect. Still, I was always able to complete my installation and use Fedora. (Manual partitioning with multiple partitions on 4 drives.)

                  I installed "for real" with RC2. I had zero issues with the new Anaconda. I've had zero issues with using F18.

                  The new Anaconda is not at all like the old Anaconda. Many of us are very experienced with the old Anaconda, and that often translates into assertions that it was "intuitive". It wasn't, of course, we just knew how to use it.

                  The intended workflow through the new Anaconda is different and not always entirely clear. If you jump into the new Anaconda expecting it to work like the old Anaconda, you will have problems. Manual partitioning is handled in a way that is very different than in the old Anaconda. Drive identification can be confusing in one display. So, there is work to be done.

                  When faced with an unfamiliar installer/partitioner. I usually chalk up the first couple run-throughs to experience.

                  Issues/complaints/anguishing about Gnome-Shell are separate issues and shouldn't color opinions about F18. Every major desktop environment is available and can be installed, each one all by itself, if a user wishes.


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                    Originally posted by RealNC View Post
                    If someone wants stability, he shouldn't use Fedora to begin with. It's a test bed for Red Hat.
                    It's not less unstable than Ubuntu though, minus the fact they have no LTS version.