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Ubuntu 23.10 Restores ZFS File-System Support In Its Installer

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    I am happy to see that Canonical still seems to be committed to being able to run ZFS under linux.
    I really hope that OpenZFS 2.2 makes it in time for Ubuntu 24.04
    We run a lot of servers with container services and OpenZFS comes with a lot of desirable features for those types of workloads.
    ( IDMAPPED mounts in the user name-space, OverlayFS support, and Linux namespace delegation ).
    This will significantly increase the performance of container loads on top of ZFS. ( especially for container images with a lot of layers ).


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      I noticed that OpenZFS 2.2-rc4 brings compatibility for Intel QuickAssist Technology 1.7 (QAT 1.7)
      The cards seem to go for less than a thousand. It could be a great addon to things like our backup servers.
      But i wonder how complex is it to use this card with ZFS. Does it work out of the box on Ubuntu or do you have to recompile the entire thing.


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        It'd be great to see ZFS finally make it into the Ubuntu Server installer but I just tried the latest US Mantic test iso and I couldn't see any ZFS options yet.

        It would need to offer more pool options than the desktop installer (mainly RAIDZ and RAIDZ2) for it to be worthwhile. Then they just need to ditch snap...