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Serpent OS Build Infrastructure Launched

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  • Serpent OS Build Infrastructure Launched

    Phoronix: Serpent OS Build Infrastructure Launched

    Serpent OS as the new Linux distribution project by Solus Linux founder Ikey Doherty has made public its build infrastructure as it begins building more packages and opening up packaging work to outside contributors...

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    Does the world really need yet another boutique Linux OS?

    I read the word salad posting on the OS home page and could not quickly figure out the compelling reason for it's existence. My first impression after reading those words was: "Sounds like a variation on the Arch Linux concept".

    In Sales-speak..."SerpentOS failed the 2 minute pitch test".


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      Was about to comment something similar. They must be hoping for lot of community support because I can't see any major upside compared to already established rolling releases


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        "Stateless by design with atomic updates at the core", "deduplicated on-disk transactions, the last working version of your system is only a reboot away", "LLVM toolchain"

        if the above comments managed to think this is another Arch from reading the top of the home page, they are absolutely clueless or FUD mongering

        how many atomic distros are even established, fedora silverblue, nix, the new suse one?


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          Also worth mentioning that its Ikeys 3rd or 4th attempt at building a distro


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            Originally posted by SpyroRyder View Post
            Also worth mentioning that its Ikeys 3rd or 4th attempt at building a distro
            Evolve OS (based on Debian), that evolved (heh) into Solus which used some things made for the previous OS, and now this.
            As a very seasoned Solus user I think Ikey is great at selling very grand ideas, can do much more than you could expect for a single man, but more often than not those promises don't get fulfilled. And yet Solus, Budgie, parts of Mate were really great.
            So yeah, it is uncertain how big this project will grow, but I would certainly give it a chance, there are some extremely talented programmers behind it. Even if it doesn't suceed it will be a really interesting experiment.


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              The power of opensores.


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                New package management infrastructure and design experiments may be fun, but not practical for widespread adoption. Developer resources are limited. 3rd party / commercial applications can't provide support for every niche Linux distributions. Open source software is a little better as the distribution maintainers can build the software out in the universe by themselves. But it is a tedious, costly and un-rewarding process. Getting the whole thing fly is harder than getting a new Desktop environment into success.


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                  The approach taken by SerpentOS is interesting as they try out some radical new ideas. This is not another re-spin of a major distro. But we will see if they can sustain their project this time (at the time I used Solus, it lacked timely updates of new packages and wasn't as flexible or as easy to customize as Arch - e.g. compiling a custom Kernel was not possible). As Arch and the AUR has its own limits and could use some modernization, Serpent aims to make it easy to compile and manage packages from source. Let's wait and see if they can achieve that. If not, I am really happy with CachyOS and my customizations to it.


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                    This needs a bit more open source!