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7-Way Linux Distribution Comparison For Summer 2016

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    Originally posted by franglais125 View Post

    Thanks for the info!
    Now, once you rebuild the whole OS, a user would need to re-download all packages to be effectively running the new binaries, I guess? I run Debian Testing from time to time, but I don't really pay attention to all details. However, I never noticed a day where *all* packages got updated (or never realized it?). I know my comment is a bit naive, but this doubt is precisely what generated my first question.

    I guess this only happens on rolling distros, when the compiler is updated. For Clear Linux at least, is there a day when a user would get updates for every single package?
    yep, in tumblewed there is a rebuild of all packages when they switch to a new gccX. I just needed to download 2500 packages...
    by the way - the thunderbird regression I mentioned was fixed within 24 hours through the update repo


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      tomtomme and arjan_intel thanks for the info! Appreciated.


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        Hi all. I guess one question here didn't get much attention: why do we see such a huge difference in FFTE and C-Ray in favour of SL/RHEL 7?

        I believe both are CPU bound (C-Ray definately is!) so what can we get from this? Is the difference caused by kernel, compiler or both?