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Linux Terminal Emulators Have The Potential Of Being Much Faster

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    Feels like Chrome or Nascar cars.
    They're fast, but they're just empty and useless for anything else than benchmarking or racing.

    It's easy to build something completely empty and useless and make it fast.


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      Originally posted by Adihash View Post
      What a load of crap.
      I can claim that I invented teleport prototyoe that can teleport a small ant but won't develop it further. Because reasons.

      Such load of bullcrap can come only from gnome "developer". serious people would never allow themselves something like that
      I don't take myself that serious, so I guess that makes sense.

      As it were, the prototype was *purely* to find the upper bound of what I should be shooting for while fixing VTE. Various patches are already incoming on gitlab.


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        Originally posted by timofonic View Post
        Why not put that effort to make a universal terminal emulator library that doesn't suck
        This is literally what I'm doing and why I didn't want to release the code to just fragment things further. I just wanted to know the upper bound for my work on VTE.


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          Originally posted by rrveex View Post
          Old fart GNOME hacker. Formerly Mono, VMware, MongoDB, and others. - chergert

          Don't see anything except for some flat builder and systemd crap (seems like systemd-attitude this guy)
          I don't use github unless I'm forced to for an upstream. If you want to shit on my code (and please report bugs while you do) may I point you in the right direction?

          I make Builder, Sysprof, and a bunch of other libraries. Previously Mono, VMware, MongoDB.

          But since most of my work isn't in personal projects, maybe you could dunk on some of these other projects I wrote, maintain, or contribute to

          Low-level core library that forms the basis for projects such as GTK+ and GNOME.

          GTK is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces.



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            Originally posted by reba View Post
            Gnome Console:
            real 0m25,768s
            user 0m2,883s
            sys 0m7,460s​
            Holy moly.
            It looks like your test is likely pixel size dependent, I'm at 3840x2160 @ 2x scaling.

            After super+right, console was about 16 seconds here. With my VTE patches (which only update drawing mechanisms currently, not yet fps/throughput/latency) it drops to:

            time mpv -vo=tct -profile=sw-fast -no-config -length="0:30" -hwdec=no -framedrop=no -untimed -no-audio  ~/Downloads/big_buck_bunny_720p_10mb.mp4
             (+) Video --vid=1 (*) (h264 1280x720 25.000fps)
                 Audio --aid=1 (*) (aac 6ch 48000Hz)
            real    0m5.087s
            user    0m10.218s
            sys    0m0.550s


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              Originally posted by NotMine999 View Post

              Have you tried Hamster? It can be insanely fast at times, but only in circles.

              (Hobbyist) Free Software in a nutshell (Or is it a squirrel then?)

              Terminal emulators at least. Seems it's the new media player-like fad from before.


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                Originally posted by Ironmask View Post
                Most Linux stuff is still, sadly, coded in C/C++ which are impossible to do much code sharing in. I honestly find it funny when people look at how easy it is to reuse Rust code


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                  Originally posted by elduderino View Post

                  This is literally what I'm doing and why I didn't want to release the code to just fragment things further. I just wanted to know the upper bound for my work on VTE.
                  It's okay. Who are you? The TermKit I know comes from Miguel de Icaza.

                  I'm no biased towards GTK, Qt, FLTK or whatever. I see them as a way of vendor lock-in, anyway.

                  VTE is GTK dependent. Konsole uses it's own Qt stuff too. ITerm2 has it's own Mac stuff. Kitty is a mix of C and Python. Other terminal emulators implement their own terminal stuff too or use Toolkit dependent stuff.

                  Despite it's shortcomings, I found projects that have an approach that I think it's better for everyone: libtsm, libtmt, libvterm (used by NeoVim), libnast (only used by nast, st fork), mterm:
                  - Toolkit agnostic.
                  - Platform independent.
                  - Extremely portable.

                  But all those lack documentation, not full featured, not strongly maintained and not enough optimized.

                  It would be amazing if independent code be used across many other implementations and being toolkit agnostic, instead each one implementing their own terminal stuff. KDE, GNome, XFCE, Windows, Mac, Enlightenment and whatever.
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                    When will someone write a beginnal, it doesn't have to be for beginners?


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                      Originally posted by danger View Post
                      What's with the 5 different window decorations on that screenshot? Ah, I know. It's the GNOME CSD and Wayland that make your desktop look like shit.
                      Or just adwaita. It's one of the most inconsistent themes I've ever seen. And arguably it looks like it's made from a teenager in his garage. I mean, if you're gonna force everyone to use it, at least make something that is not entirely ugly.
                      Of course, the waste of space of CSDs doesn't help to make it look good, but generally speaking, every non indoctrinated person will try any possible hack to have a decent theme supersede the shit we see.