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What Else Would You Like To See On Phoronix This Spring?

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  • What Else Would You Like To See On Phoronix This Spring?

    Phoronix: What Else Would You Like To See On Phoronix This Spring?

    This month so far on Phoronix there have been an exciting number of Phoronix articles from our prolific tests on AMD's AM1 Platform to a number of GCC 4.9 compiler benchmarks and everything in between, but is there anything else you would like to see this month on Phoronix?..

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    My most recent dilema is for a remote control with IR and a keyboard/mouse

    so far.. Mele F10-PRO vs RII K25A vs iPazzPort KP-810-19R

    I need it to be programmable without a working other remote..

    Otherwise... add more amazon links in your articles.. on the conclusions page.
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      The biggest thing for most people is more graphics tests, especially games on Steam. Any Valve game thats out -- L4D2 and Portal to mind -- would be a very exciting test-case.

      1) Installing games to an external hard drive would take care of the "Have to download them" issue.
      2) The issue of "Well what if someone wants to compare test results and they get a diff version" is kind of a moot point... Just say "This test was done on $this_date, any updates since may skew the results." People want to see games like L4D2, or Counter Strike, etc because thats what they and others are playing, even if the results may not be super perfect.
      3) Steam games not exitting cleanly... No idea.

      If there's any other issues at-hand with Valve games I'd really just encourage you to reach out to them Michael, send one of your contacts an email (or send one AGAIN if you have already) and just be like "Look guys, I'm trying to give you extra attention on the site, we've had a good relationship in the past, I need Valve's help to make this happen." I would shocked if you got a negative reaction given Valve's community-focused nature.
      All opinions are my own not those of my employer if you know who they are.


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        I'd like to see video game performance test Linux vs Windows. Maybe add some native OpenGL AAA-games in there (by the time they come out).

        What I also find interesting are performance and memory usage benchmarks of DE's. And add some benchmarks of older versions of those DE's, so we can see the developments in performance space.

        I just really like performance benchmarks. Ditro's, DE's, games, audio applications, video players, browsers or just anything. Also programming languages (Vala, Mono, Java, python, etc), but those are much harder to get right.


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          "So what else would you like to see written"

          I would like to see an improved writing style! No usage of "per" at all, do not use colloquial speech and flowery prose (like "exciting", "fantastic", "Apple sponsored"), do not use contractions, no usage of abbreviations, more usage of abstract and summary... just read this:
          Oh, and instead of linking to your own site search, link directly to the most relevant articles, dammit.

          Because I am reading phoronix like this:
          RSS: "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 Is Looking Fantastic"
          so, he tested RHEL 7, why doesn't he write that? Let's see the article.

          "Since yesterday's public availability of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 release candidate I have been busy at Phoronix testing out this upcoming release of RHEL codenamed Maipo."
          Captain Obvious is wasting my time.

          "Most of my Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 thoughts were shared within my RHEL7 beta testing article."
          aww, come on, name the most important thoughts, instead of making me read another article. Is it all about opening more ads? Or are you lazy? In any case, this is the worst style. *skip*

          what? The installer? The desktop? Isn't that the default? What happened?? Well, it feels polished. Whatever that means. (Actually: IS it more polished or does it FEEL LIKE but really is not?) -> clarity missing, flowery prose is wasting time.

          "I'm now in the process of benchmarking Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 RC"
          erm, oops, the article is already finished? What was it's purpose? Making us read some sort of cliffhanger? Hoping that we open another page with new ads aka quick money? I am glad that I use a popup blocker, I wouldn't pay you for that sh*t. And: Either you are testing or you are writing. If the test will be as bad as this article, I am not going to read it.

          "using the enterprise-ready, fully-automated Phoronix Test Suite benchmarking software"
          yeah yeah, it's the coolest. Why can't you write "using the Phoronix Test Suite" instead? You are either very proud or you hope to optimize for google if someone searches for enterprise benchmarking software? Is this just a hidden advertising or what? It's like the "apple sponsored compiler" instead of "clang/compiler", it is unneccessary information to increase your word count.

          "Stay tuned for fresh RHEL7 RC benchmarks compared to EL6 derivatives like CentOS and Oracle Linux in the next day or two."
          uhm, so the RSS should have been titled: "RHEL7 RC benchmarks coming soon (n/t)". What about the fantastic bullshit that I expected? Nothing. The most fantastic thing in this article was the enterprise-ready, fully-automated Phoronix Test Suite benchmarking software, benching RHELs mark out. Next time, if you promise fantastic, deliver effing fantastic!

          I wrote how I "read" phoronix. Well, mostly I don't, because of all this. If you followed so far: CHANGE YOUR WRITING STYLE - PLEASE! PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP!
          I don't expect you to write scientific papers, but please write more like a professional (journalist/scientist) instead of this techie-blog-style crap. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO IT.




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            I think you're doing a great job with Phoronix, considering to subscribe to Phoronix premium. I have not found any other site that does so thorough reviews of Linux hardware and software. Phoronix really helps me stay updated on all the changes in the Open Source-world.

            And there is nothing wrong with your writing.


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              I want to see less Ubuntu. . .


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                more about cloud

                phoronix is doing very good job on comparation on hardware performance. Nowadays, linux is popular in clound computing, many application developer is using cloud. So, performance comparation on poplular cloud platform will be exciting!


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                  I actually subscribed earlier tonight, and it had nothing to do with this article. Phoronix is one of the Linux focused sites that I routinely visit. I enjoy the hardware reviews and the KDE/Qt news. What I enjoy the most is when I find out about what various open source projects are doing. I've found out about several useful projects through Phoronix that I didn't previously know about.

                  I would like to see more coverage on embedded devices or other projects that use Linux with real hardware, such as LinuxCNC or the upcoming Arduino TRE.

                  As far as the ads go, it's not a major problem for me aside from the occasional obnoxious popup ones when I am on mobile. Disable AdBlock or get a Phoronix Premium account. I would like to see Michael put more effort to reducing typos and making it more clear when he is expressing his opinion in an article.


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                    I would like to see a performance test with different desktops, for example.

                    LXDE-Qt (= LXQT)