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What Else Would You Like To See On Phoronix This Spring?

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    Chromebook comparisons would be great.

    Also, APU comparisons from Intel and AMD (not that I want a flamewar).


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      Quality over quantity.

      More accuracy: For example, your last "GPU comparison" was not a GPU comparison at all, but rather a snapshot of open source driver performance on different GPUs

      Less bullshit to reach a higher word-count: For example, added themes and backgrounds are not a feature, IMHO not even noteworthy, unless there is significant change (like Ubuntu putting the window buttons left back in the time)


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        I'd like see an announcement, that AMD and nVidia open sourced their drivers, and that get full Wayland support in doing so.
        And that there's a phenomenal DE with a full Wayland implementation released.
        And a sound server that doesn't start making crackling noises.
        And finalized OpenGL 4.4 on MESA.

        Also I'd like to see cats doing backflips, whilst dressed as a ninja.

        Please make that happen.

        Seriously though, I like all the benchmarks. I'd love to see a clock for clock comparison between Nouveau and nVidia drivers again. People will once again argue that it doesn't take bottlenecks at higher loads into consideration, and they're right, I still find it interesting though, if they perform the same, given the same conditions.
        There's more, but I can't remember it right now - but I'll be back!


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          Some ideas
          • Android vs Ubuntu vs Fedora vs Chrome OS on 64-bit Intel or AMD. Performance, web apps benchmarks, power consumption for normal usage scenario (web browser, YouTube, Skype etc). Also on ARM platform (eg Android vs Fedora etc all on same ARM, not ARM vs x86).
          • More distribution/desktop benchmark factors: recent benchmarks have focused on CPU, OpenGL, instant power draw, and disk performance. Some others to consider: boot time, power management heat+battery tests for normal usage scenario eg "surf the web over wifi with regular coffee breaks and 60m pause for lunch until the battery dies or uses some fixed power", "power while watching YouTube and using Skype" etc. Something like an updated Power & Memory Usage Of GNOME, KDE, LXDE & Xfce.
            Everyone just assumes that, for a normal person going about daily tasks, Android/OS X/Window kills Linux distribution/desktops in battery life - it would be nice to see actual figures, so when people say that OS X gets "15 hours of battery life" we could respond "So does Linux.".
          • Benchmarks of the latest desktops - for desktop benchmarks, someone inevitably comments "oh, poor performance was bug #12345, that was fixed upstream 8 months ago". Would it be possible to build from source/use PPAs/Gentoo/whatever to test the very latest upstream source?
          • There have been hints that the ultimate plan for Phoronix is continuous automated benchmarking. Would be interesting to read an article on how the whole test lab is being put together, what hardware and software is being used for automated installs, power up/down, etc, any problems, how long till completed.
          • Wifi benchmark: use uperf or something, use native wifi and/or stick a load of wifi adaptors into a USB hub, and compare. Vary the error rate (wrap the AP antenna in tin foil?).
          • Mir vs Wayland vs Xorg :-) Is it possible to run GTK/QT benchmarks on all yet?


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            my suggestions to improve this site:
            1. write title of the thread in the green panel of every issued post near the date (so to let user to check suddenly the argument opening more tables of the phoronix forum);
            2. modify phoronix LOGO inverting colors green/white (so to be identified quickly in the preferred bar).
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              I would like to see less Ubuntu and more SteamOS.


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                Originally posted by mendieta View Post
                Chromebook comparisons would be great.

                Also, APU comparisons from Intel and AMD (not that I want a flamewar).
                All opinions are my own not those of my employer if you know who they are.


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                  I'd like to see more coverage of video decode acceleration (and benchmarks focused on it).

                  - Nvidia VDPAU vs. open source Radeon VDPAU vs. Intel VA-API
                  - State of nouveau VDPAU (with/without binary firmware)
                  - State of HTML5 video playback in different browsers

                  Basically, I'm not a "gamer" and I get disappointed to see the same 3D benchmarks over and over again...


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                    I concur that your writing style could stand some polish as mark_ pointed out.

                    On the topic of articles, I would like to see more of:

                    - ubuntu and her major undertakings, mir and ubuntu touch. If and when it becomes possible benchmarks of ubuntu touch would be nice.

                    - ARM development, particular in the server space.

                    - Community initiatives to bring polished software to GNU/Linux (Yorba calender being a good example)

                    - Who can get enough APU and kernel benchmarks?

                    As a final note, the photo essay you did a few years back at Chernobyl was fantastic. Is there a chance of more to come after you've sorted out your leaky roof?


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                      Originally posted by Vim_User View Post
                      Quality over quantity.
                      Again, that isn't possible to write less articles and just put more polishing into articles... Not until there's less AdBlockers, more high quality Linux advertisements available, more premium subscribers, etc.
                      Michael Larabel