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Mozilla Has A New CEO To Focus On The Future

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  • What? A people team, didn't see this before. What's the difference to a team, does the latter consist of animals?

    "We may have destroyed Firefox but we invented a whole new language by redefining every english word."


    • It's better than "Human Resources" at least, although I prefer "Personnel".


      • Originally posted by yump View Post
        To everyone who was counting chickens last week...


        ... what's the people team?

        "As chief people officer, Dani will oversee all areas of HR and organizational development at Mozilla Corporation."

        ... what does the people team do?

        Focus on the browser indeed.
        Yes I agree, the new CEO might be interim and not stay long, but already she is doing great things and sticking to her words if focusing in the browser.

        Maybe she could dissolve the people team, but downsizing is an improvement for sure. Also de-investing from hubs (metaverse bullshit), Mozilla social (fediverse bullshit) and the other things they mentioned.

        Laser focus on the browser it seems.

        One thing they are divesting from and I disagree is Firefox relay and vpn. AFAIK, commercial vpns are really cheap to run, and the 3 dollars or so that most companies charge for it is many times more than the costs, which is why there are so many providers, from mullvad and Proton to pia, nord, surfshark and thousands of others. So I don't think they need to abandon it, just need to find a way to make money out of it.

        But still, as you said, they are very much focused on the browser.


        • Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post

          Oh look, we have a misandrist communist here, calling us names and distorting the truth....

          People who want abortions banned are not hating women, they just love babies. And more than half of those aborted were girls.... It is really funny how evil communists and other left wingers invert the truth and portray people who don't want innocent babies killed as "haters". If women don't want babies, they should be very careful with getting pregnant, butchering the babies inside their bellies is not contraception.... You too were inside your mothers' bellies once, but you weren't aborted, and you never asked your parents if you were a nuicance or they could afford you either...

          Women are human beings, but the babies are human beings too and:

          a) They are far more innocent than their mothers and fathers, being unborn they are uncorrupt yet, they deserve a chance

          b) Babies are weak and incapable of defending themselves and voicing their will to live. If they could talk, they would certainly object to being murdered by an abortion. No one wants to die. And since we are good and honest humans, we have to defend the weak and innocent from the murderous Jezebels who think being free humans means freedom to murder other humans, even inside their bellies

          c) It is also funny that the vast majority of the left wingers who love abortions and say "my body my choice", are the same people who told me i couldn't go to work or to any other public place during the "covid 19 pandemic" because i decided that "my body my choice" and didn't get an experimental vaccine. I didn't kill anyone though.... Funny how it is this kind of people who think they can dictate what others do with their own bodies, but when it comes to killing babies then they want absolute freedom...
          Tell it to the young girls raped by their own family members and forced to bring the fetus to term. I'll lend them my guns to give you their response.

          Here's something Fox News et al have oh so carefully left out as they try to groom you into good little insurrectionists: liberty has always come with responsibility to your fellow human beings. Your liberty ends where others' liberty to thrive begins -- that's why it's illegal to kill people (unless you're a cop), to steal money (unless you're an employer suppressing wages and slandering unions), or... y'know what, you've done quite enough to prove my point. Including assisting in killing over a million people in this country alone, and permanently damaging many more who ended up with long COVID. (One of whom was one of my favorite coworkers, and healthy as a horse before coming down with COVID.)

          So, with all due respect: pull your head out, get out of the cult, start treating women like they're actually people.