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AMD Press Talks Up Major Open-Source Linux Driver Features

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    Originally posted by AJSB View Post
    Maybe we all should send emails to AMD threat them with sending complaints to EUCH&C about their crappy drivers...i somply couldn't believe when tryed to play TF2 native client with Catalyst in a recent bould rig compared with same rig performance under...well....under ANY version of Window$ starting with XP and above...
    Tried r600g/radeonSI?


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      Originally posted by gutigen View Post
      AMD support is retarded aswell.

      I've sent a report full of Xorg logs and detailed information about my system somewhere in November to, this was their answer:

      I had to explain two more times that I use Linux (cause they kept throwing some Windows tips at me) and threat them with sending a complaint to "EU Commission Health and Consumer" (lol) to get redirected to their Lead Support Engineer which actually started to ask me some sane questions (it was about Catalyst 13.x series performance, most solved thanks to RadeonSI by now, go figure ).
      C'mon this kind of "support" works most of the time...


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        Possibly a typo?

        I wouldn't really read too much into the OpenGL4.3 bit unless they actually confirmed that's what they meant. It's trivial to typo OpenGL3.3 as OpenGL4.3. All in all, seems like a summary. Did you expect summary to contain some surprising new functionality?


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          I have an AMD powered laptop and I was thinking that my next laptop will be nVidia powered, but after trying the latest radeon OSS driver I started thinking maybe I should stick to AMD. The radeon driver is not as efficient, but at least it works well and is open source and works with DRI_PRIME and will support Wayland as well. We should also see the bright side of AMD, not just focus on their shortcomings.


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            Originally posted by blackout23 View Post
            Hehe yeah just make a photo of the 2000+ USD worth of GPUs NVIDIA sent you and attach it to the e-Mail.
            I would tend to think that Michael has done that in the past, at least sent them a sweet-talking email.


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              Originally posted by d2kx View Post
              The Catalyst 14.2 Beta has just been released for Windows but indeed it doesn't look like there will be a Linux build just yet.
              Correction: AMD Catalyst 14.2 Beta for Linux is imminent. Still the 13.35 branch, so don't expect something major. Should be live within hours.


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                Originally posted by przemoli View Post
                Tried r600g/radeonSI?
                Quite honestly, i didn't...i have this bad habit from NVIDIA times where it's the Blob and nothing else...

                If i simply compile Kernel 3.14 rc4 i should get automatically Radeon in a relative up to date form, right ? ...or do i need to download and compile some more extra stuff ?!? ...i don't need latest and greatest Git...

                Sorry about these Newbie (but not Noob) questions but i didn't cared untill now with OSS video drivers


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                  good good is..

                  good good is end with fglrx dev and put all resources in open driver like intel do


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                    Give up on AMD

                    Over 5 years ago AMD started releasing docs for their chips, we still dont have an open source driver comparable to their proprietary one, still cant play new release games with open drivers.

                    Is it time to accept that as a community we have failed, that complex drivers are somethign we just cant do ?

                    And seriosuly AMD;s commitment to proprietary drivers whilst lettign a few docs go here and there for open source people makes me feel like its been one big long troll by them.

                    Intel is the only open source friendly graphics chip maker.


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                      Originally posted by rvdboom View Post
                      Instead of joking about a marketing department talking about Linux, shouldn't we just be pleased that they now actually take the time to talk about their Linux support?
                      I used to think that way, but that was a long time ago. I think Linus is leading
                      the new path with his "nVidia finger". No, this is not enough anymore. Linux is
                      no longer a marginal OS you can safely ignore. We don't have to be grateful
                      that some company is now paying attention to linux. Valve got it. Intel got it.
                      Google got it. So AMD better get it. Or not, but that's their problem. I think
                      that we're way pass the tipping point for any company to ignore linux. If they
                      choose to ignore it, and fail, the better. Someone else will gladly fill their shoes.