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Does anyone have Component Video working?

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    Yep... if the colours are correct at boot time that sounds like a driver issue. It would be interesting to try the open source drivers and see how they work, since they may leave the hardware set up pretty much the way the BIOS initialized it...

    We used to use a "smart dongle" with DIP switches that you could use to identify the resolution you wanted when running a component video display with no EDID -- without that, and without a GUI I guess it would take some careful modeline work to get the right resolution and timing.
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      First I had read in another post on this forum that the 42.3.2 driver had TVOUT issues and that they had been fixed with the 7.11 driver.

      As for the off color issues I believe that TVOUT forces the signals on the breakout cable (Component/SVHS) to an RBG configuration. The graphic hardware must be set to push a component video (YPrPb) signal (1080i, 720p ...etc).

      What we lack is the information to "force" the fglrx diver to override the EDID information about the component video monitor and push a component video (YPrPb) signal. I think both of use have already tried turning "ignore EDID" options on but that did not help.

      I suspect that your successful SVHS connection is limited to lower resolutions than your HDTV can display and probably only interlaced.

      One day .... one day ....

      In frustration I started to look at low priced NVIDIA cards, but I just cannot get my self to spend more when I can use this card so well under Windows. All the while cursing Vista when it interrupts my music or stutters my DVD video for no apparent reason. Functionality that work without a hitch under XP.

      Maybe in the end reinstalling XP and forgetting VISTA and Linux is the answer until I need a computer upgrade or ATI straightens out its Linux act. I believe with just a little information from ATI we could get this component video working, considering that ATI states that compoennt video does work with these drivers.