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R600/700 Mesa Driver Picks Up Blit Support

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  • R600/700 Mesa Driver Picks Up Blit Support

    Phoronix: R600/700 Mesa Driver Picks Up Blit Support

    While a blitter module was introduced for Gallium3D that uses the 3D engine for blitting, this doesn't help those without blit support that are still running the "classic" Mesa driver stack. Over the night, however, blit support has arrived for the ATI R600/700 Mesa driver...

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    Well, it didn't totally come over night. First Alex created r600_blit.c some time ago. Then Andre Maasikas picked up his work and made blit actually work in his tree

    Finally his patches were merged to one patch and hit Mesa's master branch.


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      Is this why my glxgears fps went from ~800 to 1800 overnight? Pretty cool

      (4870 HD w/ KMS/DRI2, zen-sources 2.6.33, gentoo)

      I don't suppose it will ever rival fglrx until the distant future when gallium3D is maybe working with r700


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        great news ! this should make 2D even faster (compared to fglrx it's already much faster but it can't be fast enough )

        now we need some decent Evergreen support and I finally can migrate to the opensource drivers (again) - yay !


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          Not 2D only. For example OpenArena with Bloom goes up from 1FPS to 30FPS


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            from 1 to 30 ?

            now that's what I call acceleration

            seems in the past most of the graphics stuff still went through the cpu ...


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              These guys are good!

              Have anyone tried Apple HD trailer playback with 720p and 1080p?


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                Yeah playing around with this after recompiling, all of my 2D stuff is like butter! Better acceleration really improves the feel of the desktop.


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                  Originally posted by Phoronix
                  This proper blitter support should result in performance improvements for both 2D and 3D acceleration.
                  These commits are all in Mesa. I don't see how this is going to have any effect on 2D performance. Please enlighten me


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                    Maybe 2D with a compositor running (where the compositor uses 3D) ?
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