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R600 Open-Source Driver WIth GLSL, OpenGL 2.0

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  • Originally posted by Qaridarium
    games sponsored by nvidia with nvidia promotion features...
    Oh yeah. How I liked that "the way it's meant to be played" and another more logo in the intro that you often could not fastforward/interrupt. Looks the same way stupid like "games for windows".

    Anything, also games, should just stick to standards. Real standards with published specs. Like OpenGL. So then it is hopefully clear how many features your chip can do in hardware and what needs to be done by CPU.
    Okay, I see that DX tells what can (hopefully) actually be done in HW. And maybe MS offered tools for easier programming to the game devs. But even then if a game needs DX9 for best display then it should work with any DX9 card absolutely independent of chip/card brand.

    edit: Oh, damn nerdish behavior. Posting on xmas here. Even though I "have a life".
    It's christmas so merry xmas to you folks!
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    • If you don't like how wine detects your hardware, then fix it and send patches to wine maintainers. Moaning like emasculated dogs won't make any difference.

      Originally posted by Qaridarium
      the crazy opensource devs starts support openGL3.2-extansions on R5xx!!!
      You don't know what OpenGL 3.2 is, do you? 5 out of 9 approved extensions are supported on _all_ hardware and 4 of those 5 are mainly for compatibility with wine. There is nothing crazy about it.

      ~ Marek


      • Originally posted by Qaridarium
        i do not wana play a Dx9 game witout Textured Vertex shader?!
        Qaridarium, can you name a few games (not tech demos) that use VTF of DX9-level hardware? I'm asking, because VTF on Geforce 6 & 7 were very limited and rather slow (and of course R500 didn't support VTF at all). It's telling that ATI's R2VB workaround was almost always faster even on Nvidia hardware of that era. VTF only became feasible with DX10 hardware (Geforce 8 / R600).

        As many others have pointed out, it's wine's job to report whether the hardware supports VTF. If the hardware doesn't and wine says that it does, you can't expect the game to work correctly.


        • Originally posted by Qaridarium;
          so fare i know the openGL3.x is already in work...... because openGL2 is finisch right now.
          No it isn't finish. Without proper power management and optimization it will stay at slideshow performance for a looong time.

          yes.... there is no first day support.
          but we have the specs now! thats much more than Nvidia have!
          I'm not comparing to nVidia here but its obviously less than intel has. At least the intel opensource stack has intel + tungsten graphics developers behind it till the end. AMD opensource stack has novell's neverendingstory radeonhd driver for a start and complete oblivion in radeon drivers after some improvements.

          realy? you also can read the specs and fight back!
          I always appreciate people doing it, but many people (including me) don't have the knowledge and ability to develop today's huge and complicated as hell graphics device drivers or device drivers in general.
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          • on warzone2100 the opensource driver is the Winner!
            warzone2100 doesn't need OGL 2.0/GLSL. It runs like rabbit with my X1950XT too. In sauerbraten try turning on the glsl options (the red ones) and start watching the slideshow.
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            • You know




              • Oblivion do not run on wine 1.1.35
                I prefer Baldur's Gate 2, coz it works with my hardware in wine and it still kicks ass.


                • Originally posted by Qaridarium
                  radeonHD is atombios-free ---> AMD and Novel Drop the atombios-free radeonhd!
                  the neverendingstory is a drop storry.... only "Radeon" is the future...
                  all amd/novel people work on radeon. !
                  there is no radeonHD anymore!
                  Actually both drivers are alive and well, and Alex normally commits new GPU support to both drivers, at least in places where the code is common between the drivers (ie the acceleration code). Changes to work with KMS/GEM/TTM are only going into the radeon driver so far.
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                  • Well well well... The crysis is over as I got a new 9800GT, installed it, injected the driver and wow! modern technology... I will give the X1950XT to my brother as a new year present as he still uses windows XP and won't have any problems with 9.3 drivers there. Thanks to everyone who participated in this skirmish and happy computing and new year.


                    • According to my experiences it is a wonder that TES Oblivion even works in windows.
                      I recall the times of Arena/Daggerfall/Battlespire and Morrowind and at that time I had problems to get them working or playing (bugs bugs bugs) even on the platforms they were meant for.
                      I mean, it is Bethesda. Betha-thesda. Beta-tesa. Beta-Tester! Yeah, right. You are a paying beta tester for their software. Or better alpha tester.

                      So I am really surprised that it might run here or there (probably cracked) in Wine. Wow. Well, but that is OT.
                      Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!