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AMDGPU Linux Kernel Driver Support Posted For The "Dimgrey Cavefish"

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    I don't care which codename a GPU carries, what matters to me is this: We're getting open source support from AMD before hardware is even released.

    I'm looking forward for these new GPU's, so thanks AMD for the support.


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      Originally posted by bridgman View Post

      Yep... X11 colour list (sorry for the spelling, I'm Canadian) plus Wikipedia's list of common fish names:

      And yes, I recognize that this represents an opportunity to hack our code names. Please keep it family-friendly
      I think the code names are funny as hell. What about Yellow Red Drum? Or Salmon Red Snapper? My job requires me to use code names all the previous job, at one time, required me to use constellations. That was fun. Now I know about constellations such as Fornax, Horologium, Scorpius, Reticulum, and Scutum, As a source of amusement, we put the constellation "map" on the briefing slide master at the upper right near the title. It was a source of much amusement for our masters - and when they changed our code names, there was actually, many of our higher told me that they missed the constellations. I understand, the pronunciations could be difficult...but we sure enjoyed the discussions (some of which would last for an hour or more) over which constellation name we should use. We actually learned a lot about astronomy and had fun. So it was good.
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