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The xf86-video-intel Zombie Driver Finally Flips On TearFree To Avoid Tearing

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    Originally posted by atbjyk View Post

    You use PRIME output sink ?, if use PRIME render offload and modesetting driver on igpu, you can use present extention in dri3.
    I use xfce(xfwm) and composite backend set to xpresent works good.
    might "present extention" has fixed at xrog-server 1.20.9~10 so recommend to use newest.
    I'm using reverse PRIME when notebook is on power (everything is running on Nvidia, iGPU only draws the picture) and I can disable Vsync in this case. And it seems KWin does not support xpresent, I found only Trello card about it dating 2014. So to use notebook with iGPU comfortably I have to use kwin-lowlatency. And I cannot use video-intel because it is bugging with games.


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      I didn't even know there was another driver for Intel...


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        Originally posted by V1tol View Post
        Why modesetting does not have TearFree option? I would like to disable horrible VSync implementation in KWin. That works for Nvidia with its PRIME, but for notebook that's not an option when working from battery.
        Probably because tearing is supposed to be solved by the compositor and not by Xorg itself.


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          Curiously, I switched to modesetting just because the tearing issue: on my Broadwell (i5-5200u) laptop (Arch+ x11 GNOME) the situation was horrible, and modesetting fixed it.

          NB: I know, things are complex and different on each hardware and software combination, in fact I noticed tearing only on fullscreen (i.e. here