Poulsbo is the codename of first System Controler Hub that was part of their Menlow platform with Atom "Silverthorne" processors. Poulsbo was notorious with Intel Linux users over the PowerVR SGX 535 graphics processor that was frequently troublesome with the available Intel Linux graphics drivers.

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Poulsbo Articles & Reviews

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Poulsbo Linux News

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Fluendo's New Codecs Support VDPAU, VA-API   Free Software   25 Mar 2010
Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta 3 Comes w/o 64-bit Linux   Proprietary Software   24 Feb 2010
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What Kind Of People Use X.Org's VESA Driver?   X.Org   06 Dec 2009
We Have Poulsbo Hardware, But No Driver   Intel   01 Dec 2009
Jolicloud "Robby" Beta To Ship WIth Linux...   Free Software   24 Nov 2009
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VIA Keeps Trying For Kernel Inclusion Of Its DRM   VIA   03 Nov 2009