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HSA IL Front-End Proposed For GCC

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  • HSA IL Front-End Proposed For GCC

    Phoronix: HSA IL Front-End Proposed For GCC

    HSA stakeholders are hoping to mainline their HSA IL front-end for the GCC compiler stack. In particular, BRIG, the binary form of the Heterogeneous System Architecture Intermediate Language...

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    How many years is HSA being developed/baking?

    One can use it this year or just next year when they are able to mainline this frontend?


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      The HSA stack is the core of Radeon Open Compute:
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        Originally posted by bridgman View Post
        The HSA stack is the core of Radeon Open Compute:

        that were my thoughts about dad's new system.
        So A10-7860(K) or 'better' Athlon X4 845 with dGPU (later upgrade)?

        Thanks again!



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          Yeah, I think so. Note that the 845 has no display so dGPU is needed from day one.
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            Hopefully last addendum...

            With the second ('better') X4 845 solution I know I need dGPU from day one, that's why I wrote later upgrade ;-)
            I have to start with smaller borrowed solution from my friends computer shop.
            Then switch dad's system to my hopefully _soon_ with Polaris 10 replaced HD 6670 --- if I only could place an order for Polaris 10, currently ;-)))
            After that dad's system get much better gfk from one of my nephews R9 380X (Antigua XT / GCN 1.2) or R9 280X (Tahiti XTL / GCN 1.0). At the end all such horse-power isn't really needed for his system.

            Computer science with all of it 'Neben-/Randbedingungen' (constraints/boundary conditions)...

            Go on with all your GREAT OSS effort!