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looking for an AMD APU notebook

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  • looking for an AMD APU notebook

    Hello folks

    Seems my old ECS G320 finally broke. Well. I'll see if I can do something about it but I'm not sure if there is much I can do (doesn't say a sound, no LEDs, no nothing. but the PSU is good and delivers power.)

    So I am looking for an AMD notebook with a 14, 15 or maybe 13" screen, non glare (important) and if possible an APU or if not then also an older mobile AMD CPU. Battery lifetime should be 3h+ and weight does not matter. Without Windows and available in Europe/Germany (shipping cost and not native keyboard keep me from just buying one in the US e.g. at the HP store).

    Don't need much CPU/GPU power (though MultiCore is a nice option for Gentoo), just non glare screen, AMD stuff inside and maybe some battery lifetime if possible. Oh, VGA and/or DP and/or HDMI and/or DVI output are mandatory for attaching a beamer. Serial port, lots of USB are welcome.
    LOL. And it should be affordable, I think in a region from 300...650 Euros maybe.

    using the new edit limit :
    The Keyboard layout should also be reasonable. 2 Ctrl keys, and pgup/dn etc. not totally messed up and reachable withouth Fn combination. Same for SysRq.

    Anybody having a clue or a device and some experience with it?
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    APU means a Brazos (Ontario/Zacate) until Llano is launched. The only Brazos notebooks that I am aware of an have a non-glare display are:

    ASUS Eee PC 1015B, 10.2"
    Lenovo ThinkPad X120e, 11.6"
    HP 635, 15.6"

    The X120e is available in Eastern Europe. Keyboard from the X100e is compatible.


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      Ya, wait a month so that Llano has launched, then pick.


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        Well, I should indeed check the Llano offerings - though I thought of them later for my desktop at home, or the larger
        The hp 635 (E-350 Zacate) looks like a priceworthy offer. Though I sadly can't get much info on it, like keyboard layout. Also the hp 6555b (Athlon II/Phenom II) has nice variants to offer, also with Linux preloaded (SLED).
        They'd probably make a good portable writing machine for the laboratory at work. Also they have some(635)/lots of(6555b) power for Gentoo compiling. Sounds already appealing.
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