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TUXEDO Launches Another Linux Laptop Powered By The AMD Ryzen 7 8845HS

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  • TUXEDO Launches Another Linux Laptop Powered By The AMD Ryzen 7 8845HS

    Phoronix: TUXEDO Launches Another Linux Laptop Powered By The AMD Ryzen 7 8845HS

    TUXEDO Computers a few weeks ago announced the first Linux laptop shipping with an AMD Ryzen 7 8840 series SoC and now they've announced another one powered by the latest Ryzen 7 8845HS...

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    Congratulations Tuxedo for being early in the latest SOC game this time. Too bad I've already bought my new laptop.
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      Wow, this one actually gives a choice for an ANSI-US key layout. Very interesting... This almost looks like my next laptop. There's still no Wi-Fi 7, but the Wi-Fi card is changeable.


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        I own a couple of laptops from Tuxedo and Xmg. Anytime I need support I am astonished by their exceptionally friendly, fast, competent and helpful responses. Even my 10 year old laptop was speedily and carefully repaired once the display was broken, and it took no more than a week from the moment I wrote the email to the moment I held my fully functioning laptop back in my hands. They even cleaned the insides, replaced thermal paste, fixed some keys, etc without extra costs.
        I was literally close to tears how they handled me as a customer and I recommend their products without hesitation anytime.

        If you care about your equipment and want to care for it for many years to come: a Tuxedo is a good move.


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          Tuxedo finally added an ANSI keyboard to this laptop making it a viable option for folks in the US. Seriously, I considered this laptop last year, but decided against it just because it didn't have the ANSI keyboard. I wasn't going to put up with the ISO keyboard annoyances for the price they ask for this laptop.