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NVIDIA Gaming Performance Minimally Impacted By KPTI Patches

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  • NVIDIA Gaming Performance Minimally Impacted By KPTI Patches

    Phoronix: NVIDIA Gaming Performance Minimally Impacted By KPTI Patches

    Earlier this week when news was still emerging on the "Intel CPU bug" now known as Spectre and Meltdown I ran some Radeon gaming tests with the preliminary Linux kernel patches providing Kernel Page Table Isolation (KPTI) support. Contrary to the hysteria, the gaming performance was minimally impacted with those open-source Radeon driver tests while today are some tests using the latest NVIDIA driver paired with a KPTI-enabled kernel.

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    I'll try harder to destroy Intel's CPU performance next time!


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      Michael, it seems your graphs completely mess up with the recommended security addition in Chrome:

      This is the Site Isolation feature Google are suggesting people use, seems it screws your iframes.
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        What should be tested is network latency of multiplayer games, and frame times/stuttering while games are loading levels on the fly (level streaming).


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          Couple of places that may hit gamers hard that would be nice if you could look into:

          * Network latency via online gaming
          * Gaming performance on Steam-Link and/or Steam In-Home streaming.
          * VR performance


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            Games won't be affected by kpti, nor most home-user software. But it hurts where it counts, in professional applications. Database, server, multi-user, etc.

            All those corporations that migrated to the cloud, they'll want their slices secure. And that's where it hurts.


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              I often game via a VM windows games, how will these be affected? 😃