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Deus Ex Linux Requirements Announced, Only NVIDIA GPUs Supported

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    Originally posted by johnc View Post
    They probably just don't have the dev resources to test on AMD.
    probably they tested and mesa bugs were fixed, but ubuntu does not ship fixed version yet. well, actually is not just probably, it is how it was


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      Originally posted by Xen0sys View Post
      For all anyone knows, Nvida is cutting closed door deals with Feral to specifically not support AMD GPU's - definitely something Nvidia would do
      definitely something tinfoil hat wearers will believe
      reality is simple: radeonsi is wip and current ubuntu version is broken with this game


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        Originally posted by pal666 View Post
        if it is both, then it is not bound. bound can be only either cpu or gpu
        I mean it depends on the scene. Secret quarters and district market are CPU bound, while cities and main missions are full of GPU bounding scenarios.


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          Originally posted by juno View Post

          Microsoft uses the api for their xbox too, which has millions of customers. But that's the only reason, apart from being paid by Microsoft to use it (titles they publish themselves like quantum break or forza).
          many games are first and foremost developed for console, then ported to PC, often as an afterthought.. It's like lightning, taking the path of least resistance, using already existing dx code is easier than porting the whole thing over to vulkan.