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Unreal Tournament 3 Running On Linux

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    I will not buy the game if client is not available before 1st anniversary, too much waiting.


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      Waiting for what? UT3 hasn't been released yet...


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        Originally posted by marakaid View Post
        Are you sure Epic is not waiting to end the Something Unreal contest before releasing linux client? It's on Phase 2!
        I think Icculus' Mac&Linux screenshots were only teasing us, as if we would not notice that the game is approaching first anniversary.
        I'm smelling some GOTY version.
        hmmm maybe yes maybe not, i'm gona sell my ut3 copy tomorow this game is good but extremely boring after 4 hours playing, I enjoy much more on ET:QW than on this game. First and last game from epics that I buyed/played.


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          I'm a bit irritated with the UT3 situation, because:
          -some years ago I bought UT2003
          -waited few months to upgrade computer for playing in better condition
          -when I upgraded my computer, I discovered that the game had been a "flop", bugs, few mods and maps, small community not like UT99, and that Epic launched UT2004 weeks after that, making me feel like an idiot.

          This UT3 fiasco looks like repeating UT2003/2004 one.
          I bought my copy of ETQW nearly one year ago, have upgraded my computer two times since that and still I can't get good performance in several Linux distributions I've been trying.
          If there is some linux client UT3 available someday, I fear it is a bug collection like Creative Xfi linux driver.


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            err... have you read the topic's posts? there is no release linux client for UT 3 'til now.
            This UT3 fiasco looks like repeating UT2003/2004 one.
            it's a complete fiasco

            other thing about ET:QW i run it really good, if you are having issues it's most explained by how your game is configured. each distrib has its own proprieties.... you have to config it for best performance. and keep on distrib that you like. i test various distribs too i use phoronix to test the distribs it helps alot and their work are really good. i have my favorite distrib for my usuall use (gaming + mail & etc...).

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