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Steam Linux Usage Drops Lower... Below 0.9%

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  • Steam Linux Usage Drops Lower... Below 0.9%

    Phoronix: Steam Linux Usage Drops Lower... Below 0.9%

    Last month Steam Linux usage dropped below 1.0% during April, which was the lowest point we've seen it in some time with the monthly OS average attributing Linux to a 1.0~1.6% average. However, the May numbers are out and the Steam Linux usage has declined even further...

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    i think the problem is that for many games windows is still required, and for people like me that have 2 computers 1 dedicated Ubuntu with Steam and another Windows only, i use my Ubuntu machine most often to play Borderlands 2 but occasionally I play Skyrim so I switch to my Windows PC, and as soon as i turn it on, BAM! the survey for Hardware and software appears, i have never seen the hardware and software survey on my Ubuntu machine.

    there should be some sort of voluntary reporting on Steam, were you concede to send all hardware used by your Steam Account, that should help boost those numbers.


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      I don't know about most people, but for me, I only use Steam if I have to. It's a great service for many people but I don't like how things are handled. On top of that I've had so many issues with the client that I hate opening it. It feels like it was written by entry level programmers who think that shell scripting is l33t h4x0r1ng. Also, I've only see the survey pop up 5 times in the last 5 years I've been using it (Windows and/or Linux). And 3 of those years I used it pretty heavily.


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        Originally posted by damvcoool View Post
        i use my Ubuntu machine most often to play Borderlands 2
        So, I guess you're using a Nvidia GPU?

        Borderlands 2 is utter crap on Linux with AMD.
        According to an Aspyr employee it's clearly an issue with AMD's Catalyst.
        AMD is informed but so far nothing changed.

        So in my case, I bought Borderlands 2 to play it on Linux,
        but ended up playing it on Windows...

        This is not how you convince people to use Linux for gaming.
        Yeah, it's anecdotal ... but still.


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          I've been using steam on linux for about 2 years now and I have not seen any surveys whatsoever, not even a hint of it.


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            It seems to me that linux is suffering a double effect :

            * the GTA effect
            * the Witcher 3 effect

            Seems like a good explaination to me...

            Now, if someone wants to produce an AAA SteamOS exclusivity...


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              Exactly the same problem. I get the steam survey every 2-3 months in windows... Never got on linux once.... Obviously the mechanism that decides who gets the survey is totally broken.


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                Originally posted by glxextxexlg View Post
                I've been using steam on linux for about 2 years now and I have not seen any surveys whatsoever, not even a hint of it.
                Haha I've been surveyed maybe 6 times in the past 2 years. In fact I was just inquired yesterday.

                Keep in mind - these surveys ONLY come up whenever you sign into Steam. If you keep your computer and Steam on for days at a time, you're greatly reducing your chances of ever being asked. I sign on steam on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day. So I'm much more likely to be asked.


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                  So the survey comes up repeatedly for the same individuals and never for anyone else.... It doesn't seem like there is any possibility for it being accurate in that case.


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                    Who cares it will drop again with Windows 10, still there are again +100 new games for linux games in a month

                    1200+ games Never better... really we should advertise good things not those that looks bad

                    Milion viruses for Windows and counting
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