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If you were to create a FLOSS game, how would it be?

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    If I where to create a new floss game (which I am) I would make a simple multiplayer driving game where... perhaps I'll talk about it more when the first game modes will be playable and I'll be looking for artist for car models and surroundings (background buildings and such)


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      B?lva?ur: Any more information about your games? Sounds like a good idea. Racing games are always welcome!


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        I'd make a game with zombies in it.


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          I wish I was a gamedeveloper or knew how to program.

          When I first read the topic I thought of a racing game. But when someone mentioned a 3rd person game and lightsabers with combos and such, I started thinking of something like Halo.
          Yeah, I know it's distributed and owned by M$. But it's still a really good multiplayer game. specially the first game. The grafics arent the best. But in my oppinion grafics doesnt matter so much. It's the design that matters. look at blizzard games and halo for eksample.. everything looks extreemly cool. Then take Crysis and far cry. The game offers the best grafics out there, but the sound, feeling and design sucks.
          Counter-Strike owns because of its simplisity and feel. I personally think that quake 3 is a more boring game than UT, but weapons, maps and powerups looks by far cooler in Q3.

          When that is said.
          What about makin a game like Halo. A game with more open landscape, no recoil. less speed than UT. but dont make it too futuristic, with ugly guns and stuff. I personally HATE Unreal Tournament for it's stupid weapons and stupid voices. When you play a hero, you dont want him to look like a troll or some other idiot walking around with gluepistols or tamponchangers..


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            I am working on a prototype for a game inspired by the legendary Magic Carpet.

            Planned features: support for Linux, Windows & Mac OS X. Coop/competitive multiplayer. Environmental interaction as a fundamental gameplay element (the prototype will be testing ideas such as deformable terrain, day & night cycles and weather control - although I doubt the last one will pan out).

            On the hardware side, the initial prototype will require OpenGL 3.1 to run. However, if this turns out nicely I will improve backwards compatibility and and try to turn the prototype into a commercial release.

            In any case, I will release the source code for the game, engine and any tools I create. This is only right, considering that I'm relying completely on open-source tools: Mono, MonoDevelop, OpenTK, Gimp, Audacity, ...


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              Originally posted by bugmenot View Post
              B?lva?ur: Any more information about your games? Sounds like a good idea. Racing games are always welcome!
              It has been stalled. Im busy making an application of Android, and probably will not start until 2011 probably

              If I have time over christmas (yuletide), easters and the summer I will start again.

              The next step is finishing the physics, but it is not my strongest side. Then I'll make the first game mode and of course making models, textures and other graphical niceness (but I had a guy that was supposed to do it but he has been busy also)

              (oh god... chromium isnt allowing me to use the url insert thingy ↑↑↑)

              Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

              This was the first working demo of the game few minutes after it got a working movements (be able to press more than 1 button at a time). But the real demonstaration is of the road as it is generic and really has a mind on it's own.

              The current version is v0.03 but doesn't look much better, just more things going on in the background.


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                Thanks for the update! Sorry to hear that you can't start working on it before 2011. Hopefully christmas is getting so boring so you can start working on it again! We need a good racing game !


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                  The Quake engines are getting old these days. Engines like the ones used by Bethesda (aka fallout 3) are showing more promises. To me this engine is really good, as it also proves that good graphics can work in conjunction with good game play.

                  Originally posted by 1stFlight View Post
                  I would like to create something of a DeusEX style game. A first person shooter with RPG-like qualities and a Cyberpunk'ish storyline.
                  This is the style of RPG that I have always liked. It's by far the most advanced for its day out of many other FPS games. Coupled with some modern graphics, on a GNU platform, a game like this would kick ass. As someone stated earlier, someone needs to write a good storyline.

                  Originally posted by Kano View Post
                  Of course live cds can use swap partititon, but you really count peas. You will gain no speed when using something else than KDE. And as soon as you would start a kde tool, then all kdelibs are loaded as well and you even LOSE memory as usually have another toolkit loaded before.
                  Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
                  Heh... KDE is going to be a problem. GNOME will be a problem. Heck, EDE or Enlightenment would be a problem under the right circumstances.

                  The reality is, do you 'need' a desktop environment for a "console-like" gaming live-CD? Or, would something a little lighter (Down to just booting into the game, lighter...) suffice?

                  If you want game save move ability, etc. you'll need SOME sort of UI- but a UI app framework for the desktop, something like KDE or GNOME, is just too freaking bloated for the task. You don't need "app integration". You don't need "printer support", etc. That's what both KDE and GNOME bring to the table for you. In a game, unless you NEED that sort of thing, you just don't bring it along. It's been asked how SONY managed so much with so little in the case of the PS2. It's dead simple. They KEPT it simple. If you're going to do the same thing with this stuff, you're going to have to do much the same thing.

                  Now, as far as games go, it's up in the air- and you should be able to make a title run on the live-CD as well as a desktop for it to be "useful".
                  I use Fvwm with Arch64, and find that its much less strain on the PC compared to the likes of KDE. The way to resolve the system loading KDE libs is not to install any of them or any associated bloat with them. Same for gnome.

                  I'm sure Arch Linux has something along the lines of a LiveCD where this was done. I'm sure I remember it working pretty well too.


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                    Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
                    Shh... Don't let anyone get any ideas here... You might cause trouble...
                    Linux pre installed into PC, no need for windows as the BIOS is already ~cough asus~ Linux enabled. xD


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                      Originally posted by b15hop View Post
                      I'm sure Arch Linux has something along the lines of a LiveCD where this was done. I'm sure I remember it working pretty well too.
                      I suppose you are talking about the Games LiveDVD, it is (or used to be) based on ArchLinux. For the "desktop" they used Fluxbox IIRC. Here's the link: