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Valve Expands Their Linux Beta Program

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  • Valve Expands Their Linux Beta Program

    Phoronix: Valve Expands Their Linux Beta Program

    In time for those who plan to spend their weekend playing games natively on Linux, Valve Software has expanded their Linux beta program...

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    Got my invite, w00t!


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      I got an invite too. But that's not interesting anymore... IMO it's not a closed beta anymore.


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        I take it that the email saying that I have joined their email list constitutes as an "invite"?


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          Originally posted by deanjo View Post
          I take it that the email saying that I have joined their email list constitutes as an "invite"?
          Yes. 10char


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            Originally posted by d2kx View Post
            Yes. 10char
            Yea, because if your account isn't beta enabled you can't download any games. Now you can.

            Works on Fedora 17 Playing killing floor.


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              Got mine too! So, I'am officialy in even if...

              ...I installed the client and a few games about a week ago Thanks to Kano's Debian script!

              Well currently, it is not perfect but some games run very well. Amnesia: the Dark descent, for exemple.

              The client it self, even if it has been made for Ubuntu 32bit, runs quiet well on "my" Debian Wheezy 64bit.

              I've also been able to redeem all my Humble Indie bundles which is great.

              Ok, there is bugs, crashes and blank screens... but , that's why we all registred for the Beta, no?

              For me, the most important thing is that after 13 years, I finaly got rid of "ladose"(French playword for "@|#indows"). Awesome!

              So, thanks to Valve and all the people involved in this.

              Et si je poussais une longue plainte déchirante pudiquement masquée sous la morsure cinglante de mon humour ravageur?


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                I got my beta email confirmation today too.

                +1 Valve


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                  Still waiting and hoping.


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                    Based on my experience with the beta, I fear that many of us who are into gaming will be stuck with Windows for quite a time into the future, unfortunately.

                    Mostly due to a lack of games and the plain fact that Linux desktop environments are absolutely abysmal in every way. (And I know that everybody insists, "You can just use a different DE!", but people don't seem to realize that they all suck. Bad.)