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Nemesys Is Porting Their Games To Linux

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  • Nemesys Is Porting Their Games To Linux

    Phoronix: Nemesys Is Porting Their Games To Linux

    Nemesys, a game studio run out of Budapest, is porting their game titles to Linux. The studio's current titles include Fortix 2, A.C.S, and Ignite. Nemesys Ignite, in particular, is a very promising racing game that will surely roar things up for Linux...

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    At first I was like "Oh nice, more flash games made native, so original..." but then I watched the Ignite promo and I was like "I JUST J**Z IN MY PANTS".


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      Finally a great race game on Linux!


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        Originally posted by tacco View Post
        Finally a great race game on Linux!
        Exactly, there are shooters and other stuff on Linux, but no decent race game.


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          Wow, Ignite does look pretty sweet. I really loathe the AMD binary driver, but this might make me go back to that for a while.


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            I met these guys at DICE 2011 (we both had IGC 2011 Finalist games; their's was Fortix 2, mentioned in the article). They're pretty cool guys. I heartily recommend supporting them.


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              I'm totally buying Fortix 2 and Ignite as soon as they have them ready to go. Fortix reminds me of Gals Panic from the arcade, and Ignite is just effing sweet! The air traffic control thing isn't my cup of tea.

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                wow Ignite is really cool... but hopefully the openGL renderer rock da house.

                means we need FBO based rendering not pbuffer and we need at minimum shader model 3 and VTF Vertex texture fetch.
                you can use all this on directX 9 cards... but without these features a game is outdated.
                the next step is HDR rendering (openGL3) and Tessellation (OpenGL4)

                but the most import parts are FBO+Shader3+VTF

                sure you don't need openGL3 or OpenGL4 for a great game.
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                  Gonna buy Ignite as soon as it comes out for sure.


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                    wow awesome games.

                    all of them are sweet!

                    even the air port game is great.

                    i love indies!