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  • Maker3D - create your 3D RPG

    This game engine is a crossplatform 3d rpg maker software, its alreday discussed on this portal. The maker itself, and the game also has native linux binaries (32bit).

    This thing is - suprisingly - working, and usable, and may will result a lot of epic rpg games (remember, there is native linux binary).

    (I think, no graphics driver is optimised currently for maker3d, so it also can be used for performance testing.)

    longer description:


    Maker3D is a powerfull 3D RPG maker environment.

    The software is designed to provide user-friendly and familiar RPG creation tool for the maker-community. Software offers an easy, self-documenting clickable/writable scripting system based on BASIC programming language. With chipset and tileset based map editing, you can easilly create the universe for your game. To use the application, no programming skills needed. Maker3D ships with large built-in content, including tilesets, chipsets, monsters, avatars. Everything, you need.

    Select-and-click based level edition

    Just select a model from the left list by clicking with the mouse, and click on the map. Its so simple to create your rooms, cityes, houses, caves. Select a pen, and paint your ground. Select a texture, and change the ground tiles. Just like in the old 2d rpg maker softwares, Maker3D offers an easy editor system to create your maps within minutes. You need more than the built-in chipset and tilesets? No problem. Maker3D offers support for the most popular object and texture formats, including .3ds, .obj, .c, .jpg, .bmp, .tga

    Built-in character creator wizzard

    Select the hair fashion, select the panties, select socks, shoes, gloves, etc... In Maker3D, you can just simply click together your heroes, NPC-s, and enemies. You can simple add your textures too, and the finished models does not needed to be exported: they just work. You viewing the characters in real time while you editing them, you can rotate them with the mouse, and check them from multiple directions.

    Documentation-free knowledge

    Handling Maker3D is even simplyer than handling the old 2d rpg creator softwares. Just check the example game, read everything wich is writed out to your screen, and put your game together.

    Easy script/event editing

    You can place your scripts on the world map, and you can simply write them. You not need to learn Maker3D-s syntax: just click on the command! For example, to create a script wich loads a modell, just click on the command LOAD_MODELL, select a modell from the pop-upping content browser, then point on a location on the world map. You can use variables, cycles... FOR, IF, you can build up your scripts with the help of the famous BASIC programming language. After you click or type a command, the command's syntax appears, and a tiny example that shows the working of the specified command. You can place up to 80 script on a map: they will executed parallelly. Almost 100 scripting command: text writing, messaging, sound handlig, everything you need.

    Built-in battle system

    Maker3D has built in HP / MP / Item / Magic / Attack / Block based, turn-based traditional JRPG battle system. You can add up to 4 hero and 4 enemy to the current battle. You can handle the battle system easilly from the script-system. Running a battle will not even break the other running scripts on the map. Add your heroes, monsters to the battle system, and enjoy the battle with the epic battlecamera system.

    Loading and saving

    Game created with Maker3D offers loading and saving ability, wich restores your characters, variables, and items. It even saves a screen dump, wich is associated to the save slots.


    What you see is what you get. You can just try your map in Maker3D immediately, and return to the map edition. Maker3D has debugging ability: watch your variables, frame per second rate.

    Save executable

    Maker3D can export an executable from your game. Your exported game can be easilly shared with your friends or on the internet. Your exported game is LOGO-FREE. Its not necessarry to install your game on the users machine, its enough to be copyed. No external runtime packages, and no other horror.

    Modern 3D graphics

    Maker3D got modern 3D graphics, with real time lighting and real shadowing. Particles, anti-aliasing, motion-blur, glow, gamma... Everything, you need. Maker3D is the ONLY usable 3d rpg creator software. This is the only existing software wich offers the simplycity of the old 2d rpgmakers and the magic of real 3d.

    watch video:


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    BUILD 702:

    -20-70% speed-up
    -sprites now using mipmapping and anizo filtering, if available
    -fixed a broken filter selection in the graphics engine
    -application now sets default language to Hungarian in Romania and Slovakia


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      Intel HD graphics series/GMA series are probably the most famous graphics deaccelerators, wich has around 50+ % market share in the universe among GPU's. And peoples are tortrued me, to make maker3d compatible with this beautifull graphics cards also.

      So i just did it. I have added a low graphics quality mode to Maker3D, so the editor currently can run playable on Intel HD graphics series. It can found in the Maker3D menu, and can be adjusted in real time. It also can switched back to full graphics quality easilly. This maybee also helps on SiS and S3 graphics cards.

      BUILD 704:

      -accidentally, build 702 used a bit darker lighting modell. fixed.
      -editor can be switched to low graphics mode (Intel GMA owners now can be happy)

      please note: download mirrors will be refreshed within 2 day


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        okay mamoswine, this time we gona reach 25 fps with 9800gt, i promise

        BUILD 719:
        -30% more FPS
        -20% faster content loading
        -fonts was mistakenly garbage collected sometimes
        -bug fixed: some nvidia bugs (caused some missing lighting)
        -added a door sound, a cow avatar, and a desert texture
        -bug fixed: some minor collision glitches
        -graphics fonts now got antialiasing
        -bug fixed: small but annoying border for sprites
        -fixed broken scrolling with the scrollbar

        mirrors will be refreshed within 24 hours


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          BUILD 746:

          -Terrain rendering is optimised (a total +20% performance)
          -Some little intro thingie added
          -Fixed the alpha-blending bug on shadowed models
          -Script wait until exec was broken
          -Added two new pine-tree models
          -Added menu that allows copying models, scripts and terrain
          -Some better interactive menu animations when moving mouse in the editor
          -Fixed command: SHADOW_DIRECTION
          -Fixed a minor flaw in the tga loader
          -Fixed a potentional segmentation fault
          -Fixed an issue with animations when a model had only 2 keyframe
          -Font textures was not properly cached.
          -Paking down/deleting was mistakenly ate the RAM
          -Terrain texture painting now can be deleted with right click
          -Character creator accidentally returned a debug string on the console
          -Added a new overworld music
          -Added a non-store testmap mode that keeps the whole map after testing
          -Incrased max number of scripts per map from 80 to 180



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              This is very cool stuff. Good luck to the project and thanks for making a Linux port!


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                thankyou, linux port is very important for me.
                the linux version has the same quality and the same priority like the windows version.


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                  BUILD 749 *HOTFIX*:

                  -This is a hotfix version, the new terrain renderer was broken
                  -The english locale was missing on the copy menu
                  -Added new command: MODELL_ALPHA
                  -Instead of o3 and 6x86 mode, this release is compiled with o2 and 5x86
                  -Test (throw) caused strange behaviour in the editor
                  -Saving ditchs in the terrain was flawed
                  -There was an issue with decoding negative non-string variables


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                    BUILD 756:

                    -Returned to 6x86 o3 compilation: 5x86 binaries was too slow on some systems.