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A New Trailer Of id Software's Rage

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  • A New Trailer Of id Software's Rage

    Phoronix: A New Trailer Of id Software's Rage

    While we don't know when id Software will end up releasing a native Linux client for Rage, which is a game based upon their in-house id Tech 5 engine, their Windows release is slated for this September with development nearing completion. With the end in sight, id Software is beginning to put out more media and information on this very intriguing game, including a new very impressive trailer that was just released...

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    Oh no, not Bethesda

    Man, does this trailer ring a bell or what? I mean - do we really need a dubmed-down version of Fallout 3 (which is already dumb enough by any standard)? This almost looks like a troll. Oh wait, I think that actually IS a troll in the end of the trailer?!


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      Is it just me or is that kind of lame compared to DNF?


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        Doom3 was so bad, it made me skip Quake4 and QW:ET. Hopefully Rage won't be just another tech demo. It won't be the mindless shooters Doom and Doom2 were, back in the days, Serious Sam has that niche covered.
        Maybe Rage will be a fresh new game, but my money is on another consolized, brain dead shooter.


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          With all the bragging idTech 5 engine looks pathetic - it's nowhere near modern game engines like CryEngine 2/3 or even quite outdated Unreal Engine 3.5.

          idSoftware's last real breakthrough was Quake 1. Everything that came later was below the par.


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            I'm not sure what the people that say this looks bad are watching. I think it looks terrific. Even the much older gameplay from last year's E3 was thoroughly impressive. It had some of the sweetest graphics, smoothest animation, and impressive enemy behavior I'd ever seen. It was easily the most impressive demo at last year's E3. I just hope id comes through like they have in the past and doesn't forsake us Linux users. Will the game be good? That remains to be seen, but if nothing else idTech5 is an impressive piece of technology.


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              Ugh! Nice movie clip but...
              has anybode else noticed the

              "Games for Windows"

              logo at the end? Blerrrgghh! *vomits in a corner*
              I surely hope they will release platform independent and also for our beloved Tux. I mean I do not trust Bethesda, but id had always shown rather good programming practises.
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                this article from a german tech site states, that rage will not be released for mac or linux.


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                  Awww, noes! But maybe if the Engine is open/free they will let the community have a port. Otherwise when they were going to put it on Iphones or other cr_p, I mean, why then stop? I thought they'd be using OpenGL ES 2.0 anyway for the lower GPU powered models.

                  English reader's please ignore the following:

                  Ich glaub's erst wenn's bei heise steht.
                  Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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                    Originally posted by phoronix
                    Hopefully the Linux release will not come too far after the Windows launch, like has come in the past for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Doom 3, and other id Software titles.
                    ETQW was released with Linux support. I even remember playing Linux demo before the final release.

                    Originally posted by bug77 View Post
                    Doom3 was so bad, it made me skip Quake4 and QW:ET.
                    ETQW is totally different from Doom3/Quake4. It's a ET series, not Quake/Doom series.