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Primal Carnage Says Goodbye To Unigine

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  • Primal Carnage Says Goodbye To Unigine

    Phoronix: Primal Carnage Says Goodbye To Unigine

    While many Linux gamers were looking forward to seeing the Primal Carnage game on Linux in the coming months, it looks like you may have to guess again, at least for a launch in tandem with the Microsoft Windows version. The developers have now switched from the Unigine Engine to using the latest Unreal Engine, which puts its Linux fate into question...

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    a linux steam client in the coming months?
    I guess michael still stands by his claims.


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      I think my money just told goodbye to Primal Carnage.


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        Puhhh, now I'm happy, that I forgot to pre-buy the game cause they didn't offer something playable. And no, I don't think that they would not have made this step, if more Linux users pre-buys the game.


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          I read some posts in their forum, and all i have to say as a developer myself, is that i wish them utter failure from my heart...

          They are making lame excuses, like that "Unigine didn't support them" while the truth of the matter is that they switched to the Unreal Engine in order to publish to consoles...

          I wouldn't have a problem with that, they are a business, it is their game and they are free to do what they want. But they lied to the Linux community in order to get support, money and publicity.

          Unigine supported them in MANY ways, and they say they couldn't finish the game with this engine...

          As a company and as professionals, are unworthy of trust and of respect. Expect them to belly up sometime in the future...


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            thanks for the news, just wrote a pm for getting my money back...


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              That's a crappy game from a crappy company anyway, I wasn't even interested in the beginning so moving along...


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                Oh well, I for one never really grokked the basic idea of this game anyway. A dino fps? Really?


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                  I just got my money back, too, and I'm wondering how much of a dent all this paying back is going to do.


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                    Originally posted by korpenkraxar View Post
                    Oh well, I for one never really grokked the basic idea of this game anyway. A dino fps? Really?
                    I think it was more of an dino fpb (First Person Biter), wasn't it ?