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It's Official: Valve Releasing Steam, Source Engine For Linux!

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  • It's Official: Valve Releasing Steam, Source Engine For Linux!

    Phoronix: It's Official: Valve Releasing Steam, Source Engine For Linux!

    Valve Corporation has today rolled out their Steam Mac OS X client to the general public and confirmed something we have been reporting for two years: the Steam content delivery platform and Source Engine are coming to Linux. This news is coming days after we discovered proof in Steam's Mac OS X Client of Linux support and subsequently found more Linux references and even the unreleased Steam Linux client. The day has finally come and Linux gamers around the world have a reason to rejoice, as this is the biggest news for the Linux gaming community that sees very few tier-one titles.

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    Very epic news is very epic.


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      Great to heard that !!!
      Are they giving any informations about Linux client release date ?


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        Great ! :dance:


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            I'm excited, but I've been let down before, so I'll get the champagne out when there's the announcement on valve's website.


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              Wow! What a wonderful time to be a Linux gamer! I had originally planned for my next computer to dual-boot Linux and Windows, but now, I have no need for Windows at all.

              What will be interesting to see is how non-Source and non-Linux titles are handled within Steam. Does anyone know how this will work?


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                So where is Valve officially confirming this? All I see is two sites claiming it is confirmed, but they might as well have read (and misunderstood)

                Not that I don't want to believe it...


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                  While chuffed to bits about this, I'll only cheer when I see this on a Valve site.
                  When I originally installed Ubuntu I dual-booted Windows, but told myself if Valve would ever port it's entire library I'd give Windows the final boot.
                  (Sadly enough, during the Xmas sales my steam library grew considerably with many Win-only titles so chances are I'm going to have to keep it.)
                  Having Vales games a double-click away rather than a reboot away isn't going to do my grades much good though. DAMN YOU VALVE.


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                    I'll wait until I see it on valve's site too before opening up the booze, but if this is really it, it might be the greatest news for linux on the desktop this year.

                    Go Valve and Steam!