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  • I actually have a 5-long queue of waiting-to-be-played Linux games now. Better add one fast before I run out of games! I'd like to request a key for Heroes of Newerth.


    • Can I please have one?

      I would realy apprechiate a closed-beta key too =)
      Im very found of Linux games


      • Must confess that I'm not a gamer myself (since I moved to Linux). But I was very excited when I heard my Windows friends talking about a game that I actually knew from Phoronix. I would very pleased to receive a beta key and be pair to pair with them on this game.



        • Hello World!

          Long time reader, first time poster. I'm a big supporter of native games on Linux, sharing in the triumphs and disappointments of its treatment by the industry in general. After playing Savage and Savage 2 I would love to take part in what hopefully will be a triumph and indication that there is a strong demand for games on Linux.


          • Beta Key Request


            I'm a very devoted DotA fan, and other spinoffs have not met the bar for me. I've seen the videos posted on Facebook and I must say I'm impressed. I'm a very technical person (SysAdmin) and I feel that I would definitely help search for any bugs. I'm quite meticulous.

            Please pick me!



            • I'm admin of gamer community(spanish).
              request a beta key for this great game =)


              • Beta key access

                I thought they were no more keys but i want one...I play savage2 very often and i'm looking forward for this game.

                BTW i'm using ArchLinux


                • Key Please!

                  I too would enjoy a key if there are any left. I promise lots of detailed bug reports!



                  • I've been a long time reader but never post anything or even had an account since I do it at work mostly and I'm technically supposed to be working . I'm in the process of remaking my machine which will soon be sporting an AMD 955 and GTX275. Then it will be long hours playing whatever I can get my hands on that work natively on Linux. First couple of titles are replaying Rainslick Precipice, world of goo, Nexuiz, the latest Alien Arena, and I may even step back into the grind of EVE Online..

                    It'll also be interesting to see how Team Fortress 2 performs through Wine. I'm hoping well enough that I don't need dual boot into Winblows.

                    On the technical side I work in IT supporting corporate desktop users/managing software licences, and have a background in software development. So bug checking and fault documenting is nothing new to me. So can I put my hand up for a beta key? I'll post more in the future I promise.


                    • Sign me up! I am a Linux Architect lead for a big company. I speak systems engineering and CMMI