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Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

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  • Beta key

    I hav been waiting for a linux native game to come out forever. i would like to request a Beta key for HoN please?


    • I would also like to get a beta key as well. I run different Linux distributions, and have experience running a varied set of games under different hardware platforms.



      • I also would like a beta key to test this new game. I'm playing quake wars and savage2, and also wharammer 40k soulstorm and suprem commander through wine.
        (I also buyed UT3, but didn't play it because I'm still waiting for the linux client... )

        Great to see a native linux client


        • I would appreciate a beta key to help test and development of this game.

          I am currently running linux on a varied set of hardware (2 pc's 2 laptops, all of which can probably run it fine) and have the time to spend where I can thoroughly beta this game and submit/explore any bugs that may come up as I have in the past with many distributions and software. (I'm not a developer so I consider it my part to report bugs and help developers flush them out as my part in the 'linux community' as a whole).

          Thanks if you choose me to get a key.

          P.S. btw since I've been mostly a lurker and this is my first post, great articles here - I've been obsessed with testing and using VDPAU ever since your $20 cpu and $30 gpu article and it's come a long way since then.


          • Hi i really want to test out this game hope i get one cya! i really want this!!! i cant wait


            • beta key

              I would like to request a beta key. I have been using Linux for a few years now and it is by far my favorite os.


              • pleasee

                i want a beta key please


                • I'd love this!

                  I'm the founder of the Ubuntu Gaming Team which phoronix covered:

                  Although the team only does FOSS games, i as an individual am happy to see proprietary games support linux in the short-term


                  • great of S2 to support linux like this! thanks to phoronix for handing out the beta keys.
                    I sure would take one of those beta keys!


                    • I would like to request a beta key, also because I need something that is not a Q3 FPS ... and I want a personal Hell Shrine.

                      Thanks. Regards.