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Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

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  • I would like to request a beta key .
    Thanks much :-) .


    • This is great news!

      I have a nice gaming rig and am eager to try it! Q6700 + 8800 GTS... Running a 64 bits build of Ubuntu. RTS is a genre that I really like, so I would definitely enjoy testing the beta. As usual, I am looking forward great native games for my platform of choice!



      • mickey

        I'd also like to try this out!

        I think though that they should have released the Windows and Linux versions at the same time. favouring over the other is always bad, be it Milli, Micro or Nanosoft!
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        • Hi,

          I'd like to get the key, too. I haven't played Savage 1 much myself, but I have two sons who are quite experienced with it and they would like to try out this new game. (I'm just their dad and a great Linux enthusiast who has installed Linux for them). Thanks!


          • Hi, I'd like to receive a key too.

            My first touch with Linux gaming came back in 1999 when I first installed Linux in a local installfest. The distro was named SOT-Linux, a finnish clone of RedHat at the time. I remember getting atleast quake working. Then there were also various small games like xbill that I remember. Even though I fell in love with Linux from the start, it wasn't until 2007 that I finally gave up Windows totally. Since April 2007 Ubuntu has been the only OS on my computer. My gaming these days consists mostly of WoW and Diablo2 under Wine, and I've been requesting native titles of several popular games for Linux for years by signing petitions, posting on forums, etc.


            • Originally posted by BadSquishy View Post
              It is great that companies like S2 support Linux with native linux clients. I would definitely like to get a beta key and test out the game on my hardware.

              I always try to put my "money where my mouth is" and purchase any game I think I will enjoy the day the native Linux client is released. For UT2004 I pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition because they advertised Linux support in-the-box. Other native Linux games I own include Doom3 (and the ROE expansion pack), Quake4, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Darwinia, H-Craft Championship, and World of Goo (there are probably one or two more I can't recall). On some of these games I've saved money off the original Windows launch price because they were selling for less money when they finally released the Linux client. If this game is enjoyable and I can get it to run on my (admittedly very dated) hardware I'll buy it as soon as the Linux client is released.

              First of all I'm a player like all of you, and I really like to spend hours playing alone, with friends or with friends trough Internet.
              So I really hope I'll get a key, and I already left a messages to my friends to visit phoronix asap.

              I totally agree with you, it's really awesome that industry take interest in linux more and more.
              I think there's a real potential outside Windows world.

              At the moment I play under Linux using wine, well is not that bad of course there's a lot of good work behind it. But it's always far away from a real native application.

              I also bought World of Goo for Linux, which is really awesome
              In my sens there's no reason that a game cannot be made for linux/windows/mac since the start of the development.
              If they stop using directx and other OS dependent library this can change.
              I mean all consoles support Opengl, Linux does, windows does and mac too.
              And it's not only directx/opengl debate, there's a lot more efforts to be done, sound library, files managing, network etc...
              For all problem there's a solution and multi platform solutions exist.

              I can only encourage S2 by continuing showing the way to do it !

              I just hope that is not isolated cases, and people like EA, SQuare, BioWare etc... will follow.
              Because at the moment how dare can a decent player leave windows to it's favorite platform whitout having to leave about 50% of the games on the market.

              So one big word " THANKS " S2 !


              I would like to add that I perfectly understand developpers that get really mad when talking about what to use to dev multi platform.
              What should they use for sound ? Open-AL ? ALSA, OSS, Pulseaudio etc.. Since a lot of linux distribution are doing what they want and are unable to use the same thing.

              Ubuntu changed 2 versions ago to Pulseaudio, and if you take a look at their forums it not always work as it should..
              TeamSpeak is still using OSS, so even if you play under Linux you still have to use other software or tricks to make TeamSpeak work.

              I don't know what S2 choose to dev with (except opengl for 3D .. :P ) but perhaps shall they share their experience with other game developers, other people from game industry.
              It will help showing them the way
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              • Should be all caught up now with sending out keys for everyone who has requested keys thus far... Keep the requests coming.
                Michael Larabel


                • If theres any keys left I would like some linux-game-love


                  • Very nice. I've played my share of native linux client FPSs, but I don't think I've played many native RTSs. I would love for this one to be my new favorite native RTS game! I'll give it a go if you let me.


                    • Originally posted by immudium View Post
                      Very nice. I've played my share of native linux client FPSs, but I don't think I've played many native RTSs. I would love for this one to be my new favorite native RTS game! I'll give it a go if you let me.
                      Well yes it's true Linux is really lacking of RTS native games.
                      There's a few of them but well all old and a little bit annoying to play in my sense.