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  • Beta Key requested HoN

    Beta Key For Heroes of Newerth

    Hello can i have pls the new beta key of HoN i look everytime on
    youtube videos and i rly love this game because i'm dota player and this is dota only much better than this in TfT so pls can i have a beta Key?

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    • Hi
      I would like to request a HON beta key please


      • HON beta key

        Hey guys,

        It would be honor to receive a beta key from you to try out this awesome game. Watched all the videos and it's just not enough to experience it all.

        I'm a big fan of DOTA and i've played it for 3-4 years. Would like to test it out and give constructive feedback to the developers to make it even better than it is currently.

        Thanks in advance


        • HoN Request Beta key

          yaeh i have not play dota 3-4 years but have play dota enough to know that HoN are much better than dota graphics heroes all so now i will test this new Game but i need a beta key so pls can you send me one?
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          • HEy i want to request a beta key i plaey Warcraft3 TfT for 4 years and a lot of DotA especially the last 2 months i played dota all the time and i do have a lot of time to play cause im a pupil and dont get too much homework AND i do have holidays at the moment so i can play a lot. also i watched some vids on youtube and istantly loved HoN pls give me a beta key!!!


            • Hello,

              It would be really great to receive a HoN beta key, i've been watching some videos and they look really great, i'd love to experience the gameplay. I'm also a huge fan of dota and i've played it for a few years now. I could give constructive criticism and also post the bugs i notice in game.



              • I need key please
                [email protected]
                thanks from chile!


                • need a beta key

                  i was tracking this project some time ago, and i read now that you're giving beta keys. im an old dota player and ill be really happy if you send me a key

                  with all my love (please please please!)


                  • I play DotA 5 years and its great game but i saw Heroes of Newerth and i think that is better game than DotA so if some1 have that beta key please give me see you and thanks


                    • I would like a beta key. I'm fan of every Linux games! I'm proud of all linux developers!
                      P.S.: I love my Ubuntu 9.04!