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Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

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  • Originally posted by izual View Post
    Heroes of Newerth looks like a great game and I would like to help out in my free time. And I have A LOT of it for the next 4 month.
    Yes it really seems to be a good game, well as I could see, good looking!


    • I would like a key

      It's nice to see a another company making native linux games.
      Hopefully more companies will follow.


      • I would like a beta key please, get to test on a gentoo boxen read for full release


        • I would love to try out the game as well.

          I have not had the opportunity to play many Linux-native games and I'm not really a crazy gamer, but I always like to play new games.

          Most of the time, I play games like Harry Potter or Sonic, but I have played a fair bit of FPS games. RPGs are one of my favorite genres of video games, but I love playing games of all types.

          I'm an avid gamer on my Nintendo Wii, but I haven't played many games on my PC since Yggdrasil (my desktop) seems to freeze up when playing really intensive games. I'm hoping to upgrade it this year, given that Yggdrasil is four years old.

          Also, my laptops Skuld and Belldandy are good enough for playing video games, so I play most of them on there.

          I hope this game is great!


          • Wow, 16 pages already! That's more than I expected for a topic posted less than 12 hours ago. I hope people will buy this game if it turns out to be OK.

            I would like a BETA key too. I really wonder how well it performs with open-source drivers.

            Go Phoronix!


            • Hello,
              i wanna ask if you can give me a invitation for beta testing HoN. I have already played DotA in Linux, but it wasnt much playable to me (bugs and things). I am a Czech/Slovak Linux gamig clan member, so you can imagine how i like a Gaming in Linux. Feel free to send me a invitation as you like to. Thank you guys.


              • I've been a longtime Linux user, but unfortunately haven't had much chance to try native games.
                I'd like to request a beta key so I can give this puppy a try.



                • I would like to request a beta key. That said it is always refreshing to see a company taking Linux and it's users seriously. I've been using Linux and gaming on it for 12years now(wow I'm getting old) and it seems every year it gets a little bit better. Can't wait for "PC gaming" to mean more then "Games for Windows". Anyways, keep up the good work Phoronix!


                  • I would like a beta key too!
                    I'm an avid Linux user, and would like to shove this in my brothers' face (rabid Windows fanatic). Also, I greatly enjoyed Savage and know I would enjoy this title as well.


                    • Beta Key Request

                      It is great that companies like S2 support Linux with native linux clients. I would definitely like to get a beta key and test out the game on my hardware.

                      I always try to put my "money where my mouth is" and purchase any game I think I will enjoy the day the native Linux client is released. For UT2004 I pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition because they advertised Linux support in-the-box. Other native Linux games I own include Doom3 (and the ROE expansion pack), Quake4, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Darwinia, H-Craft Championship, and World of Goo (there are probably one or two more I can't recall). On some of these games I've saved money off the original Windows launch price because they were selling for less money when they finally released the Linux client. If this game is enjoyable and I can get it to run on my (admittedly very dated) hardware I'll buy it as soon as the Linux client is released.

                      I would like to know if the folks at S2 games think the Linux client for their games makes them money based on the straight-forward man-hours-spent versus revenue-generated calculation? I think there is a solid argument for supporting Linux even if it shows a small loss, because of the type of customer you are catering to with this work. I would suspect that many of the people who are gaming on Linux are also a big information source and the resident PC repair technician for family, friends, and co-workers. Targeting people like us can have a great word-of-mouth benefit, if I like this game enough to buy it I'll show it to my friends and try to help sell a few more licenses.

                      So, keep up the good work S2, and please send me a Beta Key.