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PXN V900 Racing Wheel Support Added To Linux 6.6

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  • PXN V900 Racing Wheel Support Added To Linux 6.6

    Phoronix: PXN V900 Racing Wheel Support Added To Linux 6.6

    The PXN V900 gaming racing wheel is supported now by the mainline Linux kernel as of last night with the latest merged changes for the v6.6 kernel...

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    I can't help but wonder if the V10 model with force feedback, a clutch pedal, and a shifter would work on Linux if its ID was added...or even the V90. If I was going to buy a racing wheel again, the V10 is the minimum that I'd want. 10 years back and earlier I used to have a Logitech wheel like the V900 and I always wished I'd have bought a better model.

    micheal On that affiliate link, how long will that work for and would you still get credited if I bought a model other than the V900? Usable in 2-6 weeks ideally.


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      Nice, that PXN V900 wheel will be supported.

      It is very unfortunate that Logitech G923 PS4/PS5/PC still is not supported I brought it because it looks so similar to supported Logitech G29, but apparently it is not the same from driver support perspective

      Shame on you Logitech!!!


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        I got a Superdrive SV950 and was wondering how I can add VendorID and ProductID manually on linux.

        Actually the Superdrive SV950 is recognized as as I plug it in and in FS19 it is also recognized, just have to setup the controls properly for the game.
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