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Wishlist for Porting Projects (Pt. 2)

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  • Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
    Because nobody thought about them.


    I've tried several times, unsuccessfully, to get them to allow a port of that game back when it was still a going concern. Nowadays, I'm not quite sure WHAT The Logic Factory's doing
    I would also love to play Ascendency. Unfortunately, regarding what The Logic Factory are up to now, google reveals the disappointing path they've taken:


    • @Linux-user
      There would have been a higher impact if you had only bought the linux version. The publisher would say: "The linux version increased our sales by xx%, woot!"


      • Hello... i would like to see Guild Wars 2 being somehow ported to linux. Game is still in developement phase, so it could be good time look into it.

        First Guild Wars works fine on wine, but with sequel - it would be nice if the producers added some more linux compatibility!

        Tens of Thousands of people play this game on daily basis and having linux backup for the sequel would be great advantage for swithing to linux! I don't ask for much - but making it easier to run on linux would be good for start.

        Second thing, if you are interested in signing petition or creating something like this - just to insist on producers, let them know that linux gamers community is rising in numbers, and we demand our beloved games being linux friendly!



        • Demigod looks very nice, perhaps that could be a target for porting?

          Also there has yet to be a comment on Ground Control and Crusader: No Remorse as posted earlier.


          • Originally posted by Licaon View Post
            @Svartalf: what about becoming a game dev for a game currently in production? ( or did i miss your thoughts and results on this ? )

            while porting old games is a good thing(TM), buying them again for Linux is not, as long as i can run them with WINE ( guys/gals don't start the WINE vs. native flame-war please )

            i feel that having a future game with a Linux version would impact the gaming media/ecosystem/etc better than being always one step behind, where it always looks that 'those crazy Linux/Mac guys are so nostalgic, playing that 7 years old Windows game'
            being there from the start could shape a better future for the engines too, like not using some proprietary non-portable middle-ware and etc

            and a good example happened recently, as ET:QW was developed for Linux almost at the same time, and the release was a bit later, while UT3 had Linux as an afterthought and is still not done
            while i love that i can use wine to play some of my favorite games, buying those ports is the best way to get developers to release thier newer games - they have to see there is a market.

            and to take caster as an example - one of the game ports that came about as a result of svartalfs work and the phoronix threads - they stated in a blog recently that they were suprised to see linux sales are starting to rival thier non-steam related windows/mac sales.

            due to that you can not only bet that if they come out with another game they will release it on linux, but if you can get a few of those examples you have some leverage on bigger titles as well.


            • ahh stronghold crusader/extreme. If you are looking for a lightweight game that would sell its that. Might be a tough port because its very windows dependant. Tropico is also a good game and if i remember correctly it had been ported to mac. Both published by T2 (after they acquired GOD). Dont know if it means anything but serious sam was published by GOD aswell.

              After how sony pulled eve from Linux i doubt we will see many MMO's on Linux for a while.

              Demigod is another one of those T2 games....
              *edit* Gas powered game

              - I just noticed "stronghold" is also ported to mac.
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              • Wing Commander Part 2.

                One more thing. With Wing Commander 4 and 5. There are versions which exist with dvd quality footage. The games have a LOT of FMV in them. There was never a copy of Wing Commander Prophecy dvd edition released on windows. So the only versions available to gamers right now are hacked editions with the better footage. A proper port of the games would let people play without hacks making linux an attractive platform for fans of the series. Wing Commander 4 dvd edition is selling for $90 US+ on ebay at the moment, and the dvd edition requires a creative DXR2 mpeg 2 decoder card (or a hack) to play the movies. Again something which a native port could easily cleanup making Linux the superior platform for Wing Commander. Wing Commander 3 was rereleased in 1997 for windows and the sourcecode for that should be kicking around on the backup tapes (and the copies that made of them). There was a console port of wing commander 3 made for the 3do and the playstation. The 3do version reportedly has better quality cutscenes and some extra scenes missing from the pc version. Adding in some of those animations could create a "perfect" version of wing commander 3 again something only Linux would have. There's been a lot of interest in 3-5 recently with people trying to get them running in vista/dosbox/windows 7. Wing Commander 3 especially has problems with both. The Dos version has inferior sound (midi) whereas the windows version crashes in XP/Vista/Windows 7.


                • My favourites from the given list would be Civilization IV and TrackMania. Drakensang would also be nice to have.

                  Another game I would really like to have on Linux is FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage. I uses Microsoft Live for multiplayer, so. I fear that might be a problem.


                  • I'm not sure what the situation with Sierra's back catalog (I'd like Missionforce: Cyberstorm and Outpost) is because I think they are now owned by Vivendi.

                    One of the small developers I bought games from in the past was Exosyphen(sp?) Studios.


                    • Since someone mentioned a MMO (darkfall), what about another upcoming MMO called Mortal Online?