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Steam On Linux Ended 2021 At 1.11% Marketshare

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  • Steam On Linux Ended 2021 At 1.11% Marketshare

    Phoronix: Steam On Linux Ended 2021 At 1.11% Marketshare

    After a reporting snafu over the weekend, Valve has now made available the December 2021 results of the Steam Survey. This metric has been quite interesting to monitor with the increases since Steam Play (Proton) was first introduced but particularly in recent months since the announcement of the Linux-powered Steam Deck causing more excitement around Linux gaming and more people trying out the current state of Steam Play...

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    Seemingly the number of Simplified Chinese users also went up, which might explain the drop...

    Things to fix in the survey:
    - Change "Physical CPUs" to "Cores" (it's not like people game on multi-socket server motherboards, huh?)
    - Add 2TB/4TB to Total Hard Disk Space
    - Remove "SSE2" and "SSE3" in Other Settings as Steam requires them already
    - Remove "NTFS" in Other Settings or at least add "EXT4"/"BTRFS" something


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      Is Flatpak in other now?


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        Originally posted by Setif
        Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS 64 bit 17.90% +1.48%
        "Manjaro Linux" 64 bit 11.96% -0.98%
        "Arch Linux" 64 bit 11.42% -0.69%
        Linux Mint 20.2 64 bit 7.50% +0.46%
        Ubuntu 21.10 64 bit 6.31% +0.89%
        Pop!_OS 21.04 64 bit 5.54% -1.77%
        Other 39.38% +9.31%
        I wish I'd have given OtherOS a shot before Sony removed the feature from the PS3. I find it amazing that more people are running Steam from the OtherOS off the PS3 than there are Arch Linux users.


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          It will be interesting to see how the Steam on Linux market share as a percentage plays out over the course of 2022
          No, it won't be interesting at all, it'll be just as boring as it has ever been in the past 8 years. New month, same low numbers, Linux fanboys with a complete lack of understanding of statistics and sampling cry wolf about statistical errors, then wait for next month. Rinse and repeat. That's Steam Linux numbers @ Phoronix in a nutshell for you.

          We're talking about fractions of ONE percent. Over the course of 8 years. Anyone who gets excited about that has... problems.


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            1% last year
            5% this year
            20% next year
            80% two years from now.

            Let's GO...


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              The tendency is up-moving:

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                That's basically a 100% increase... that's insane.


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                  And that's before the steam deck... And before all the anti-cheat drm software gets enabled on linux


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                    Excluding games with anti-cheat, basically everything I try now works w/ the latest protons or does within a couple of weeks of release. Not all of it is smooth, but this has changed a lot for me in the past quarter.