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Wine's Wayland Driver Continues Maturing, Aims To Go Through Wine-Staging

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    Originally posted by Linuxxx View Post

    What kind of problems are you seeing with gaming on X11?

    Personally I just recently played through "Batman - Arkham Knight" (of course with on Xubuntu 20.04 LTS with the compositor deactivated & in-game Vsync enabled.

    The result?

    Absolutely smooth!
    I.e. I had a blast!!

    Therefore I wonder how Wayland could improve upon this in any shape or form?
    If running the game in full screen then a Wayland compositor (GNOME supports this) can make the Wayland client skip the compositor and direct scanout to the display.


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      Originally posted by Mitch View Post
      2. Wayland Color Management
      The dev working on this stuff said it will be at least a year. So maybe in 2023 we will see some Color/Display management features, even under Xorg these features are pretty much handled by 3rd party tools and no real standard which really hurts progress there also. For example the KDE Color Management feature in the GUI doesn't even work correctly if at all.


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        There is one little game called Transcendence I sometimes play through wine. It works flawless on X, but on (X)wayland. Absolutely no input possible via the keyboard.