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Steam On Linux Continues Hovering Around The 1% Mark

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    Originally posted by stormcrow View Post supports Linux and sells Linux games. Galaxy, their reasonably helpful update/installer client, does not support Linux. While Galaxy is useful, it's not and never has been required to install, update, or play GoG's games.
    Not to mention Lutris is already a great GoG frontend and is already working out all the esoteric bugs to their best ability - as well as providing wine versions for many of the non-native games.


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      good idea)


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        Keep in mind that the stats can be misleading. 1% share stacked up against all the torrents of gaming kiddies out there who simply use the default OS that came with their computers. Why would they go through the fuss and bother installing Linux? They just want to turn the machine on and Game On!

        On the other hand, most of us who game on Linux also tend to be software engineers and developers, who are powering the Internet infrastructure in some regard, so that the Windows weenies can consume the content and online services we make possible -- at all.

        So we may only be 1%, but we're the 1% that actually matters. And I think Steam realizes this. Besides, are they not using Linux on their Steamdeck? I rest my case.