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Linux 3.17-rc4 Is A Pretty Calm Release

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  • Linux 3.17-rc4 Is A Pretty Calm Release

    Phoronix: Linux 3.17-rc4 Is A Pretty Calm Release

    Linus Torvalds continued in his Sunday tradition of releasing a new Linux kernel development update...

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    as always : the calm...

    i want to joke this morning , when i read such a title , i feel i am not the one finding that linus torwald and his "methods" are a big fail .
    on all markets of os like pc or mobile , linux is still around 1 % , despite all that years and kernels .

    in 2009

    in 2014

    for mobile

    i think something should be changed and that should be done without linus mostly because he wants to hold the "last word" ;']
    i joke but how can it be that a free os well functioning has so few users ?

    i think linux kernel should evolve , mostly in having drivers for all hardware , may be that obliges to use windows drivers or the creation of a website where people upload their drivers , then a translation of them to linux would be later downloaded by user . may be a kernel with two packs would help kernel makers and users , one pack being "linus updated" , the second pack would be user/computer updated : i mean that an archive with only drivers needed for the computer ; that would be updated less frequently and by order from the refreshed kernel


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        Combine your last two charts, re-label Linux to GNU/Linux and Android to Android/Linux and you'll get a better picture.
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          android or ios , even mac os and chrome os are all using linux code source .
          but they do it for their hardware and make drivers ... and the kernel they use ;']

          i am sure my idea is the right way because there are drivers from some others like scsi card makers or network drivers from intel that do teaming but not the one in the kernel.....
          all distros are using kernel stock drivers , using "private" one are very hard to do , the recompilation is not the easy part , separating drivers and rest of os would make it easy for user and pc builder . may be in a form of a new partition , with them all could help to do install or format without loosing them .

          beside that , may be using the boot system of windows and vhd files as hard - drive could help to make linux more popular ...
          linus and its kernel are not even able to use grub4dos and its loading of isos [ lzma compressed ] even in mem like the toram parameter , its a shame because all popular distro are able of live cdrom , so lauching them with this simple and easy to install bootloader should have been done and should be a priority...

          i think i break the Calm ;']


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            Originally posted by jcgeny View Post
            android or ios , even mac os and chrome os are all using linux code source
            IOS and MAC don't use Linux kernel. Apple, or anyone, can't use it and privatize because GPL license.
            Read more about "Mach kernel" and "Darwin"... it is BSD derivative with proprietary frameworks.